Travel Insurance Comparator | + than 14 offers compared

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Travel Insurance Comparator | + than 14 offers compared

Travel Insurance Comparator | + than 14 offers compared

Travel insurance aims to settle all the glitches that may occur during a trip on behalf of the subscriber. For example, a loss of luggage at the airport, a canceled or delayed flight or even a health concern abroad. Let’s see in detail what exactly travel insurance covers and why to take it out when you go to a foreign country.

What does travel insurance cover?

Here is point by point what you can cover with travel insurance in Belgium:

Medical and health expenses

A traveler who falls ill or is injured while traveling may require medical treatment or even repatriation to their home country. These costs can be particularly expensive, especially if it requires the assistance of a third party.

Travel insurance covers costs related to health problems.

Loss or theft of baggage

When you travel, you inevitably accept the risks that come with it. Among the possible inconveniences of travel, the loss of luggage certainly ranks number 1. Annual travel insurance grants the policyholder reimbursement for items contained in luggage, a suitcase or a backpack.

The insurance company will ask you in the event of loss or theft of your personal belongings to list what you have taken. An expert will estimate the value of your property. You can also provide the invoices if you have kept them. In other words, a refund will be offered to you on the value of your goods.

Theft or loss of your wallet

During a trip, you are often required to present your transport tickets, your identity papers and the risk of losing them is very real. In the event of loss or theft of your money (credit card, cash, check books), travel insurance can advance you money. This allows you to continue your journey abroad in good conditions.

Civil liability

Travel insurance regardless of its validity period and regardless of the insurer must cover the physical / material damage that you may cause to others. This is a very important warranty that is always included.

Protection of electronic devices

Protection on computers, mp3s, smartphones, etc. may be offered by your travel insurance, at least for transport times… Note, however, that the vast majority of insurers offer to cover only part of the costs for this type devices (between 300 and 500 euros approximately).

Who can take out travel insurance?

Travel insurance can benefit you and everyone in your household, even if you are traveling separately.

The different types of travel insurance

In fact, there are two types of travel insurance: annual travel insurance and temporary travel insurance.

Annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance is an ideal solution for people who have to travel abroad regularly for professional or personal reasons. It is valid for one year from the date of subscription. Its benefits are very real.

It allows you to be compensated for example on plane tickets in the event of cancellation of professional appointments, theft, loss of passport, strike of the airline or even in the event of bankruptcy of the latter.

Before subscribing to travel insurance (short-term or annual), you must therefore check what it covers. But you should also inform yourself about the exclusions. A travel insurance comparison can help you see things more clearly.

Temporary travel insurance

A temporary travel insurance offer provides maximum protection during a stay abroad, without exclusion of destination. Note that you can add options such as baggage insurance or cancellation insurance.

Depending on the type of contract, temporary travel insurance covers the World or Europe.

We advise you to always check the guarantees included in your temporary travel insurance because from one company to another, strong disparities may exist. For example, some include car assistance, compensation in the event of an accident with a rental car and others are limited to basic guarantees such as medical repatriation.

In any case, before subscribing to annual or temporary travel insurance, you must take into account the way in which you travel. If you practice sporting activities abroad, for example, make sure that your contract applies guarantees for this type of activity.

Where to buy travel insurance?

Several solutions are possible when you want to take out travel insurance.

Travel insurance with a travel agency or tour operator

The travel agency is most of the time, the easiest and most economical way to take out travel insurance. In addition, it is generally the most efficient to advise you on the contract adapted to your situation.

Specialized travel insurance or your insurer

Almost 100% of insurance companies are positioned in the travel sector. AXA, Ag Insurance, Allianz Benelux and Touring, for example, offer this type of contract.

Travel insurance with a bank

Admittedly, the bank’s primary vocation is not to sell insurance. But it does, and some payment cards automatically include travel insurance. However, you must check whether you are automatically insured by your bank, as this is not systematic.

Travel insurance comparator

A simulator makes it possible to find the best short-term travel insurance, temporary travel insurance, annual travel insurance in just 4 or 5 seconds.

Comparative travel insurance, as its name suggests, presents you with the best offers for traveling with peace of mind.

Of course, this type of tool is very effective for finding a travel insurance offer at a competitive price. But we always advise you not to limit yourself to the price criterion.

Quality travel insurance is always a combination of several criteria. The wisest thing is certainly to find insurance that offers the most guarantees at the best price. And in this little game, you can trust our travel insurance comparator with your eyes closed.

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