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Travel insurance for the United States, why think about it (promo code)

Travel insurance for the United States, why think about it (promo code)

Travel insurance for the United States, why think about it (promo code)

travel insurance for the USA

Article updated in June 2022 – I quickly get to the heart of the matter 🙂. I work in tourism with several years of experience in the airline industry. I have known many cases so I tell you: do not try to save money on travel insurance for the United States.

Since the pandemic, it is even more essential to take a travel insurance for the USA.

Many travelers see only the good sides of a future trip to New York and yet, I would never repeat it enough: anticipate situations with insurance for the United States.

It is not a question of being pessimistic but of anticipating.

Honestly, I could tell you hundreds of anecdotes, really not very funny. Sorry 😄

Those of my clients when I worked in the airline industry or of readers since the creation of We Love New York in 2009.

I have also already had recourse to medical assistance in New York.

This experience also allowed me to realize some things for medical expenses. Unfortunately, these unpredictable situations don’t just happen to others and can affect any of us.


1. To avoid large unnecessary expenses in the United States

Medical costs can be extremely high in the United States: an emergency room visit can cost $1,000 or more. Five stitches can cost up to $10,000.

This is what Eline, customer relations expert for Chapka Insurance during an interactive live in the member club of We Love New York.

Eline from Chapka Insuranceconfided to us that he handled the case of a client traveling to the United States and having had a ruptured aneurysm.

The result ? medical bills were around $800,000 !!!! Yes, you read that right. You will confirm that this is unpredictable.

To simply consult a doctor in the United States is extremely expensive.

I confirm for having lived it.

We are not used to these fees in most European countries, especially in France with social security.

In the United States, medical care is very expensive, you really have to insure yourself against the risks.

It is not just a question of thinking only of cancellation insurance before the trip, generally covered by your bank card, or of multi-risk insurance, but of the limits of these insurances in a country where medical costs are extremely high. .

You really have to compare well, I did it, and that’s why since the pandemic, I recommend youChapka for your travel insurance for the United States.

2. Have peace of mind in the face of what is unpredictable, essential and urgent

Multi-risk insurance is the best option to deal with what is unpredictable, essential and urgent during your stay in New York or elsewhere in the United States.


I recommend you Chapka, a travel insurance broker with very competitive formulas. He is part of the AON group which I know very well from my experience in the airline industry.

Multi-risk insurance – cap assistance 24/24

14 points you need to note

👉🏾 Cap assistance 24/24 of Chapka multi-risk type, can cover you during your stay and possibly for cancellation before departure. This is the one I recommend number one.

This multi-risk insurance is intended for all European residents, but also for those living in the DOM-TOM.

Subscription is possible up to the age of 80.

👉🏾 You can subscribe to it until the day before your departureunless you take the cancellation option, which must be taken out within 48 hours of booking your trip.

👉🏾 Cap Assistance 24 hours a day is valid only for stays of less than 3 months.

👉🏾 The medical coverage of the 24/24 assistance cap is very very high, up to 1 million euros for the United States. I’ll tell you about it below and invite you to see the one covered by your credit card. You will probably see the difference for most of you.

👉🏾 medical expenses and hospitalization costs, sudden illness (otitis, flu, appendicitis, covid-19 on site, etc.) are covered up to 1 million euros and in addition to your usual health cover.

👉🏾 medical repatriation is well covered and supported by assistance.

👉🏾 if you are hospitalized and cannot return to your country, home, you can request the presence of a relative. The support is made for the return ticket of the person who must join you, and the hotel costs, amount for the moment to 90€/night maximum.

👉🏾 if during your trip, you learn of the death of a loved one or their hospitalizationa return ticket is covered.

👉🏾 in the event of a natural disaster (flood, attack within a radius of 100 kilometers for example) which requires you to return to your place of residence, the ticket is also covered.

👉🏾 coverage of the costs of interruption of stay if you had to return to France earlier than plannedor if you had to be repatriated, your ground services are reimbursed on a pro rata basis, up to €7,500.

👉🏾 personal liability is also included, if you bump into someone in New York, for example, without noticing, there it is covered up to 4.5 million euros, by appealing to the RC. THIS SCENARIO IS SO POSSIBLE!

👉🏾 baggage insurance covers personal effects up to €3000 in the event of loss and damage by the carrier or burglary, aggression during your stay. If someone snatches your backpack with your camera in New York, you have to justify it with a complaint and an invoice. Cash, sporting goods such as a bicycle, keys, credit card and mobile phone are not covered. On the other hand, a computer, a tablet can be covered.

👉🏾 a plane delay guarantee for the outward/return flight beyond 3 hours. You then benefit from a fixed compensation of €250 in addition to what the airline offers, if you receive compensation from the latter.

👉🏾 if you need to do a PCR test in the USA and it is positivethe contract covers the nights ofhotel80€ per night for a maximum of 10 nights, and the return ticket if it cannot be changed free of charge.

Cancellation insurance for a trip: 3 points to remember

3 points you should note

Cancellation insurance is included in most bank cards (if you pay for your trip with it) but it is often more interesting to take it with Chapka.

Indeed, most bank cards have more limited ceilings, including for the First, Gold. And then, it’s often an annual ceiling with ultra-precise, less flexible guarantees.

👉🏾 Cap Annulation de Chapka covers the amount of your trip up to €8000 per person, if you can’t leave. Unlike multi-risk insurance, pre-stay assistance is not included.

👉🏾 The Cap Cancellation must be taken out within 48 hours of booking your trip.from the reservation of the first service.

👉🏾 Departure must be in more than 10 days. For example, if you subscribe less than 3 days before departure, this is not possible. Everything is covered in terms of the services reserved for the stay in advance (up to €8,000 per person).


A broker who really listens

Chapka’s customer service is responsive, responses are provided to emails within 24 hours, available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. for information on contracts.

Everything is done online

A delegation for the study of reimbursement requests exists to process them within 48 hours if the documents are sent correctly. It’s quite fast. Everything is done online, no paperwork to send by post.Upon subscription, receive the contract with the insurance certificate by email.

Be sure to read the terms carefully. How many times have I heard readers point out to me, I bought insurance, it’s a scam. I never had this concern when I had customers in the airline sector, because I was always very clear and firm on the conditions. You must READ each condition carefully. I take the time to write this article to give you an overview but you have to read each condition carefully.

Hope you enjoyed this article update! I’m counting on you to share it 😉

I wish you all a very nice day.

xx – Viviane

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