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Travelers who accept pets: tips and tricks for Giornata del Cane (and not alone)

Travelers who accept pets: tips and tricks for Giornata del Cane (and not alone)

Ras al Khaimah Weather Travelers who accept pets: tips and tricks for Giornata del Cane (and not alone)

On August 26, World Dog Day is celebrated, amico a quattro zampe and per tante persono molto di più, scheggia of divine origin launched on Earth. For the occasion, PiratinViaggio has put together five unusual and 100% pet-friendly tourist destinations for the months of August and September. When you have to lower the temperature a bit and bring your pet around it will be more pleasant (beyond what is indicated). The platform of the HolidayPirates Group, the portal offers more trips to Italy, therefore suggests running the holidays with your own four-legged friends and also picking up some tips to better organize the transfer.

Pet-friendly holidays are an increasingly diffuse need. In fact, more and more hotels and, in general, the structure equipped to also welcome small furry friends, there are no better services and dedicated activities, whether they are mother, mountain or city, in Italy or throughout the East . Secondly, a search for a couple of years of taxi2Airport l’Italia is for the other country with the highest number of hotel structures that welcome domestic animals. In fact, 18,176 the hotel that accepts customers with dogs and cats in tow.

Although they do not want to advertise original holidays, on their PiratinViaggio it is possible to stay in a splendid bubble in the desert, not far from Dubai, at the Starlight Camp. If you travel with your own four-legged friends, if they will be able to provide a dog bed, a heated dog tent and a dog bar, to ensure your travel companions the same comfort as the owner (anche se in many un amano atfato in this mode).

For last-minute tourists, PiratinViaggio obviously recommends Italy as a comfortable destination with plenty of choices. The Belpaese, in fact, is ranked first in the “dog friendly” nations and according to the Dog Country Index in New Zealand, France, the UK and Germany. L’Italia si contraddistingue appunto, you come signaled from the other search, for the hotel offer and hotels that host domestic animals and has brought all thanks to all the individual cheapest flight offers of the platform during the last heads week of August and first. Saturday in September

Per qui ama il mare, on the other hand, the portal suggests France, which if it is pointed out won third place throughout the interior of the Dog-Friendly Country Index and in particular in Corsica, I have already done it very much to be a certain more “wild” type of tourism. The South of the island stands out for some of the most suggestive beaches, such as Palombaggia Beach, bathed in turquoise water and lined with pine trees, with a magnificent view of the uninhabited isolated Cerbicali. The long mezzaluna di sabbia is considered by many to be one of the most splendid beaches in all of Corsica.

If you want to opt for a day of vacation in the fresh air, PiratinViaggio recommends an unforgettable trip 1,000 km from the geographic North Pole, alla scoperta dell’arcipelago delle Svalbard, in Norvegia, where, between breathtaking landscapes and uncontaminated nature, if you can attend the show of midnight sun But in general, senza spingersi così distant, il consiglio vale per tutte the cooler area (magari senza esagerare) and che offers a sufficient choice of structure.

What if I own a pet? There is a hotel in Bali that offers a free pet therapy session for animal lovers. The Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud has partnered with a local non-profit association for the protection of street dogs, the Bali Dog Association. On the occasion of the search, the hotel shows a specific closed area on board the pool, guests can sit and play with and cuccioli. And the benefit deriving from spending time with the dog has been proven in other scientific studies: caressing and cuddling them in fact helps to reduce stress levels and improve mood, not forgetting that it does a lot of good, not modi appropriati , cane ai cuccioli stessi.

I have proposed, a volte anche bizarre, ce no are davvero molte ai quattro angoli del globe: dalla spirituality della Dog Chapel in Vermont alla thermal pool all’aperto a loro dedicated di Fonteverde, slab adventure in Ras al Khaimah alla birra per cani presso DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti, from the welcoming kit of the Bless Hotel Ibiza to the luxury of the 2 doggy suites at the Hi Hotel in Bari, from the Rock Shop of the Hard Rock Hotel brand in Ibiza and Tenerife to the canine education projects in the territory of the Lombardy mountains , Up to all the cuts trained in the imperviousness of Alaska.

Choosing to travel with domestic animals, their own means of advertising, is an important decision to make and occorere to take your own four-legged friend is really the best option to enter. Before booking the trip, beyond informing yourself about the merit of the host hotel – some enriched for example with small surcharges, in Italy alone it is 10 euros per night – it is also necessary to consider the means of transport used, to avoid problems or any kind. of stress to owners and animals.

For example, if you decide to travel by car with your own animals, it is very important to put them on the rear seat of the vehicle or in the trunk, which naturally must be spacious, spacious and connected to the rear seat. It is then necessary to refer to the Codice della Strada to ensure it in the right way. Never leave it alone in the machine, especially when it’s hot in the summer months, but it should be an obvious prescription. If possible, it is also advisable to travel at least in two people, to alternate between the guide and the care of the animal. Finally, it is good to provide plenty of rest during the journey to feed, make drink and scratch the paws of your furry friends.

Second to the type of animal, traveling by train or ship could be the best option for both. Each navigation and railway company is subject to its own rules and regulations regarding the transport of domestic animals, especially regarding the dimensions of the transport or the possibility of leaving the animal outside the cage. For the well-being of your own four-legged travel companions, you must also take into account some objects and accessories that are essential for a trip with your own cane on the train: for example, the kit with the spazzole, trowel and the deodorant, what they are. of help in case the dog gets dirty or loses its hair, and the bag for the collection of excrement, water, snacks and toys, to keep it calm and quiet during the trip.

The transport company has its own rules: Trenitalia, for example, offers at the end of September 15 the free transport of cani di piccola taglia, gatti and other domestic animals su Frecce e Intercity. I must look at a carrier with maximum dimensions of 70x30x50. But even larger dogs can be accompanied: every passenger can travel with a dog of any size, with the relative ticket of second class/standard for the desired route, provided it is kept on a leash and equipped with a muzzle. The offer will continue, modified, also after September 15: from the 16th of the month, in fact, if you can buy the ticket for the cane at 5 euros to travel from Sunday to Friday, only one euro to travel on Saturday .

Flying in the air is the fastest way to reach your desired destination, but it is also one of the most expensive and complicated options. In general, the majority of the airline allows a gatti i cani di piccola taglia di compaggi and owner padroni a cabin at an additional cost, but this type of service varies in the second airline of the singola and the dimensions ovamivae and vettori they are more rigid Usually it’s about 10 kilos of weight at most, including the carrier, an element that has been put to the test by medium-sized dogs that “ballano” around at what weight. After you have chosen an airline and booked a flight, it is advisable to call customer service to check in and propri four-legged friends and to chiarire ogni dubbio: dai regolamentos i requis per i trasportatori d’animals, passporti per and viaggi all estero (always necessary when going beyond the border: in Europe the European Passport is required for dogs, cats and ferrets) all vaccinations eventually required at destination.

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