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Welcome once again to one of my trip reports!!
This Time I will be flying from London( LHR) to Dubai on Emirates Airlines brand new cabin interior design in Economy class once again!! 🙂 and in our favorite aircraft, the A380-800, such a beauty!! .
I will show you how is the LHR airport at this moment in 2021 september and duty free.
The Emirates A380-800 on this flight has the new colors on the seats in Economy class, new interior designs, I will walk around during the night flight to show you around, i pre-ordered an asian vegetarian meal and you will see some of the features that the A380-800 has to offer! come fly with me an join me on this trip.
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Flight EK004
Aircraft : A380-800.
Flight time : 6:30 hours.
London to Dubai.
Emirates Airlines.
Seat number 84 A

Hola, Bienvenidos una vez mas a una de mis reportes de vuelo!!
estoy super contento que me acompañen en este viajen y que sean parte de el!!.

Volaremos el avión A380-800 de Emirates Airlines una vez mas!!:) es nuestro avión favorito!!

El avión A380-800 tiene nuevos colores en los asientos y la cabina , y esta increíble!! , caminare durante el vuelo nocturno para que conozcan mas de la cabina, el servicio abordo ( ordene una comida vegetariana) y sus asientos.
vengan y acampánenme en este vuelo!
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Vuelo :EK004
Avion : A380-800.
Duración del vuelo : 6:30 hours.
London hacia Dubai.
Emirates Airlines.
Seat number 84 A



  1. Proud that working in emrates flight catring❤️

  2. There's something confusing me if I go to aviation college Am I going to choose the type of plane I'm going to study on, or are they choosing?

  3. Emirates airline is not good in service as it used to be before, staff is very rude and not helpful at all

  4. Sou brasileiro o meu sonho e conhece a 380 pordentro e claro né si eu tivesse condição voar nele

  5. E uma esperiencia maguinifca só em você chegar preto desta a e ranave ja e uma experiência espetacular

  6. Can Emirates Airlines achieve my dream? I want to travel on this plane at the expense of the company. I do not have money 🤲🏻🤲🏻يارب

  7. While I was in my house, I used to see the Emirati planes passing in the sky of my country, so I said to myself: Will the day come and travel on this plane before death, perhaps God will fulfill my dream. ..
    I'm from Iraqi Kurdistan

  8. One of the best airlines. I travel by Emirates whenever I get chance. My favourite is AirBus 380

  9. Ridak bersedia. Midle East??? I no want.. If im sins im guaratee with my self.

  10. And i no need give me undertand about sins or mistake

  11. Been there before fabulous Would love to go there again ❤Kind of sad I have uni Though !

  12. I always wanted to go on Emirates but never got a chance 😢

  13. Too much time wasted on safety instructions and entertainment available.

  14. Ah im going to Dubai in the summer, havent travelled since the start of covid its really exciting watching these videos! Great job.

  15. All the duty free areas look the same, no matter which large airport.

  16. that''s so sad that there is no more the remote controller underneath the screen

  17. Y el kks diciendo junto con la chairiza que el chairo puerto es el mejor del mundo 🤣🤣🤣

  18. اختك من سوريا ام عايشه بمخيمات عائشه اشکو همي وحزني الى الله ثم عباد الله الصالحين انا اختكم اطفال بترجاكم تنظرون إلينا بعين الرحمة والإ وعندي ثلاث اولاد يتامي نسانية والصدقة الجارية في سبيل الله أطفالي يعيشون في زل وحصار ولا يوجد لديهم اكل وشراب وليس وحريه مثل كل حلم طفل صغير مريض نفسي وعقلي اقسم بالله العظيم وربي يشهد عليا ما في بيتى الخبز بترجاكم الله يوسعيا عليهم اتساعدونا الوجه الله بلی اخواني رقم الواتساب اللي حابب يساعدني على الصفحه على اليوتيوب الله يوفقكم يجزيكم الخير يا رب…… .

  19. Thankyou for this video it helps a lot of information I am flying with family next month through Emirates

  20. No doubt Emirates is and always is one of the best airlines best service and great and friendly staff keep it up Emirates airline thumbs up 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  21. This is the best A380 👍👍👍❤️

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