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Trip To Dubai🐪 | Luxury Family Vacation Costs💲| Apartment Tour | Dubai Mall

Trip To Dubai🐪 | Luxury Family Vacation Costs💲| Apartment Tour | Dubai Mall

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  1. Silent subscriber here🙋🏻‍♀️ Eloho I love and admire you so much and I’m so glad you visited my country! sending lots of love your way.❤️🇦🇪

  2. If you have an American passport did you need a visa to travel?

  3. This just made me so happy to see , i can’t wait to have an experience like this! Also, I know momma bear was thrilled to have a few days of a break 😂 the girls were with their daddy and a woman who’s actually nurturing towards her children! Come thru soon to be wife/bonus mom

  4. I've been there when I was in the Marine corp for a mission and it was so amazing, stressful but beautiful city

  5. I really liked seeing the portrait of a black family in your thumbnail.

  6. Hi, Eloho You're Beautiful And So Is Your Boyfriend Daughters I Am Glad You All Enjoyed The Visit To Dubai And Made It Back Home Safely Peace And Blessings To You All Always Take Care I Will Leave It At That

  7. I used to watch your videos all the time in middle school. So glad I found your videos again!! 😊

  8. It's awesome to see a place like this with so many brown people. Im making it happen sooner than later.

  9. black women living lavish and just being happy is my favorite thing to see😌💕

  10. It would be nice to visit dubai, but i know where and where not in the world im allowed 😂

  11. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  12. You are too young to take on the responsibility of another woman's kids Eloho. Please don't settle 🙏🏾.

  13. I’m here for the cultural appreciation

  14. Eloho I am all over your channel trying to catch up. I been deployed so its been awhile. Love Dubai been more times then I can count. I'm happy to see you happy.

  15. I love to travel out of the country with my kids too and they get a kick out all the stamps in their passports!!!🙏🏽❤️

  16. Such a beautiful place i want to go …. I was the 3000th like 👍🏾

  17. Damnnn eloho live your lifeeeeee

  18. Im do late. Heard her reference this blog in another video and ran here. Love the relationship she had with the kids.🥰 Yes ma’am baby girl said we in “Dubai periodt” 💁🏾‍♀️

  19. As a black person, I’ve always been afraid of Dubai or any countries alike. After watching this vlog, it seems like a pretty comfortable place to visit ❤️

  20. When they called her E I almost fell out. So cute 🥺.

  21. Girl I’m only 5 mins in the video and already crying and laughing. Seeing you and the babies smiles so wide in the pull is pulling my heart strings. My good sis deserve every bit of this luxury lifestyle and your family is beautiful😭💚
    “You can SKI in Dubai, HEY
    You can FLY in Dubai, HEY” 😂😂 took me out
    Okay back to finish the video

  22. I used to go there all the time when I lived in Dubai. Kiza was deffo one of my number one spots for food 😍

  23. Dubai seems really fun but 1. I'm poor and 2. I don't support the way the leaders treat the women in their families.

  24. Thanks for the nice video, definitely put Dubai in my list. $5,000 would not be enough spending money because my wife Chanel bags she buys are like $10,000. 🤣 She did it in Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Vegas.

  25. You’re going to need a VPN while you’re there. They block a lot of things on their internet even Netflix

  26. Ooooh when he let the air out the tires I knew EXACTLY what time it was! 😂😂😂😩😩 I miss Dubai so much!!!

  27. You are silly😂🤣 The accent about skiing and all the things that you can do in Dubai, sent me

  28. Came here from the story time video lol. So glad i did! You look so happy 😍

  29. Yaaaaaaas, so happy to see you winning sis!

  30. Girl you SOLD me Dubai! You should be selling property I swear! 😍😍👏🏾👌🏾

  31. Love sweet!! I am sooooo late! I love this for you my gosh you really could sell me anything! The looks baby omfg! 🤩🤩💕

  32. This was such a great video. You can tell they’ve been around Ms. Eloho PERIOD😂

  33. You have children? I didn't even know. Congratulations! You kept it well and look good!

  34. Huunnnniiiii…………I was just thinking about what it would cost to go………I definitely want to go…… I gotta get my bag up tho. When is it winter there cause I'm not about the heat.

  35. Not me just realizing you have kids?????

  36. Love you girl so happy to see you thriving with your beautiful family

  37. Awesome Video❣ My favorite part was enjoying yalls' positive vibes while experiencing life abroad 😊 And your content was informative, insightful & offer some practical suggestions. Thanks for sharing & continued blessings to each of you 🤩

  38. Did anyone catch the hotel name.?

  39. These girls are adorable and well behaved. Good job dad. Great vlog Eloho. 👍

  40. So happy for you sis. 🇳🇬. My turn

  41. Was this a package deal or individually booked with all the activities paid separately?🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

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