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UAE weather: Cloud seeding in the UAE causes heavy rain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates

UAE weather: Cloud seeding in the UAE causes heavy rain in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates

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The UAE’s National Center of Meteorology shared this video of cloud seeding in the UAE skies.
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  1. Is it same to go out in this rain? Will it effect your eyes or any other body part?

  2. Let’s build a place for tourist and make it rain more.

  3. Why do they cloud seed it may cause harm to the place and people in uae 🇦🇪 allah is the one if he wants it to rain

  4. Mmmm. There are 2 views…One from a helicopter and another from a light aircraft…Which is the truth!! Either are Bad by interfering with Mother Earth's Natural Cycle………

  5. Whatever water they get from here is being stolen from another place full of people, therefore causing suffering elsewhere. Good job Dubai. You understand cloud seeding, and you don't care who gets hurt by it. Somewhere close by is going to have a massive drought now.

  6. Dubai is the epitome of seeing what God gave you on this earth.. and ruining it with man's work. You think god likes all those buildings surrounding mecca? Sick Joke. Allah is probably disgusted with most people doing mecca from their hotel rooms. Fake Muslims.

  7. so Dubai figured out how to own the clouds 🙁

  8. Please make it rain in Dubai in June, It almost never rains on this month, please force it to thunder and rain on any days in June, just like what happened last year on June 21, 2019. Please do make it rain and storm on any days of June, I don't want scorching heat temperatures of 45 degrees celsius and above, I want instead stormy and rainy weather with thunderstorms in June.

  9. Actually when u play with nature nature will one day going to play with you ………

  10. Why dont they do this in cali?

  11. 🗣 In my opinion this process will ultimately create catastrophic weather patterns that will make earth inhabitable for humans.

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