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UK storm forecast: ‘Mini tornado’ warning as Britain set for hail and torrential rain | Weather | News

UK storm forecast: ‘Mini tornado’ warning as Britain set for hail and torrential rain |  Weather |  News

Weather forecaster Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told Express.co.uk that the UK will see thunderstorms from today until Friday. The stormy weather could bring hail, “ice pellets”, “torrential rain” and possibly “mini-tornadoes”, Mr Dale said. It will arise as a result of an “unstable airstream”.

However, he said that the storms will subside by Friday as higher pressure moves in

From then, the country can then expect a “settled period” with dry and warm weather which should last until the Jubilee bank holiday.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Dale said: “There are two troughs that are going to come down from the west over the next 48 hours.

“The reason for it is when we’re on sort of unstable air.

“The unstable air produces the Cumulonimbus clouds, the cauliflower type clouds – they’re the only ones that can give you thunderstorms.”

He added: “I’d say we’ve got two days left.

“We’re not out of the woods, but it’s caused by the proximity of low pressure with the unstable airstream with the heat of the sun at this time of year, the direct heat.

“So cool air, becomes warm, which becomes thundery.

“Once we come out of that on Friday, I don’t think we look back for at least a week, at least into that long weekend.

“At the moment it still looks predominantly dry, predominantly warm.

“So it looks like we’re going into a settled period.”

Speaking about the kind of weather the UK will experience during the stormy weather, Mr Dale said that “mini-tornadoes” and “gusty winds” which have the potential to “lift fences” are “in the equation.”

He said: “Thunderstorms have the capability to give deluges, torrential rain.

“There is the potential for hail and ice pellets.

“There is also the potential, in a rare situation, of mini-tornadoes. There is the potential there for those.

“And obviously gusty winds, sudden gusty winds that obviously can lift fences etc, similar to a tornado in a way. So all of that is in the equation.

“Most people will miss the dangerous hazardous stuff, but nonetheless it’s there as a seasonal type warning as we’re in that regime at this moment in time.”

Weather forecaster Netweather has also forecast thunderstorms, with meteorologist Nick Finnis warning that a Thunderstorm Watch has been issued.

He added: “Some heavier showers and thunderstorms may produce hail, gusty winds and localized flooding.

“There will be some sunny spells between the showers, feeling pleasant in the strong sunshine, temperatures reaching 14-16C in the north, 16-18C in the south.

“Showers should ease then fade this evening and overnight, then becoming dry with clear spells developing for many.

“Cloud will thicken across the far west in the early hours, bringing some patchy rain to N. Ireland and western areas of mainland Britain by dawn.”

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