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Ultimate Airport Dubai S02E05 – Faulty Planes

Ultimate Airport Dubai S02E05 – Faulty Planes

Carl is facing the mother of all over-sized baggage problems. Joe is searching for a heard of missing passengers during terminal 3’s rush hour. And Hassan in customs can’t believe what he is hearing.



  1. Why are women (and some men) are attracted to Hassan? Because of the Accent? Uniform?

  2. i swear these guys are so mentally prepared, any other airport would charge him
    he literally confess wether it's true or not you don't go to a police officer and say such thing and then be like i'm joking.

  3. Carl Knight from the UK is sometimes speaking with a Danish accent?

  4. Why do they not have a public address system?

  5. The "contract killer" sure did his job. He 'killed' me….

    ….with laughter. 😂

  6. LMAO on that pakistani contractor! I bet he would still say "no problem" even if his house is burning.

  7. Can't they find a proper fitting shirt for Hassan? I know he's ripped, but it's busting at the seams. Not very modest.

  8. Don’t understand why they don’t use sniffer dogs in Dubai. Does anyone know? ALSO what was outcome of that stupid killer joker? Did he get jailed?

  9. In any country, mr. funny guy contract killer should be locked up until he is ready to not waste time or disrespect the job the officers are doing. of all people, i was amazed how tolerant Hassan is with him.

  10. And suddenly the captions are in a different language

  11. mmmm those hassan! 😉 want to check my all body hehe..

  12. Why Wasn't an announcement made for the Australian Passengers to Come Forward to a Specified Gate?

  13. Hassan is a such a brainwashed robot. Lol…

  14. Why didn't they call the Australia-bound passengers over the intercom?? That's what intercoms are for.

  15. Omg Hassan acting like some weed seeds are the anti christ. “Do you smile the marijuana” and “he bring into my country could be big problem”

    I’m dying.

  16. Well that guy clearly doesn't care for airport security. If theres one thing you NEVER EVER do in an airport security area or even anywhere in an airport is joke about carrying illegal drugs and guns…

  17. I’d really love to see Hassan in person. He’s always done a great job.

  18. That "contract killer" guy is really annoying. Respect to Hassan for staying professional with that childish guy.

  19. Considering people are arrested and thrown in prison for offending the government online I am not surprised this is a propaganda piece for Dubai.

  20. Haven’t they heard of electric or battery powered grinders those rusted, worn-out, hand files aren’t going to do anything

  21. What happens on days when Carl is not there? Scary. I think between seeing these morons and Sharia law I will avoid Dubai airport.

  22. The "funny guy" was a jerk, and they did the right thing.

  23. Carl:No no we are gonna be here all night!
    Look at him after that 😂😂😂

  24. The biggest addiction in the world is Ultimate Airport: Dubai itself!

  25. Contract killer……. K………..right………..yeah totally normal! Ummmmmmmm so how much alcohol did this guy have??? Mental illness? Just a bit odd?

  26. Who the hell let middle-eastern Johnny Bravo work at the airport?

  27. Don't they normally transport engines as 'extras' attached to the wing of the plane via an extra pylon? AI 182 had five engines because they were transporting one back to India at the time.

  28. EK 225 was certified to fly….but the screens depicted 'low pressure' when pushback was authorised by network control centre

  29. Wait so people carrying drugs like heroin can smuggle so easily? The guy would’ve got away with it if he wasn’t randomly stopped

  30. The contract killer is true he is a killer because in 2015 news line in Emirates 24/7 it shows the news

  31. have been there in 2015, the best part was the big mac while waiting to leave

  32. I like how someone is watching "kidnapped school girls" on one of the screens but the documentary makes it seems like it's so intense.

  33. POV: you came here from that tiktok comment

  34. “Professional hitman.”
    Hassan: Why didn’t this f*cking airport give me a gun.

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