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USA Road Trip Summary – Highlights, Lowlights, Costs & Tips

USA Road Trip Summary – Highlights, Lowlights, Costs & Tips

Join us as we look back on our USA road trip by sharing the highlights, costs, lowlights and things we would of changed about the trip. We also give plenty of information about the trip along with sharing our tips for if you were to plan something similar in the future.

Overall we had an absolutely amazing trip and we would like to thank each and every one of you for following us on this epic adventure. Every video from our USA road trip can be found in order, in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoQWwKrx-__46K_siIxJGfqdYjEfMOmB9

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  1. Really good summary video! The trip in general was really entertaining, loved the montage at the end! What is #TPW2020 Project Tour TPW? Australia 2021?

  2. I binged watched this over two nights! Awesome trip guys, Don't feel bad about your reviews, coasters are subjective; Tatsu was one of my favs and then Manta didn't impress me. I have a question, why don't the coaster enthusiasts like B&M Drop coasters? I noticed on the amazing Busch Gardens POV day you rode in the center on the front row. For me it's the front row far left or right depending on the layout that makes them enjoyable. No track below my feet and a lot of lateral movement on a smooth coaster. I look forward to visiting some European parks when I'm over there again.

  3. It's so funny hearing your reaction to the emergency alarm radio test being a American.

  4. Awesome stuff guys. I have a question thats important and i need opinions and help. Im going for a coaster trip and i can only afford 2 parks within a 4 hour max drive. Only considering new parks for me…. If this was your choice, would you go to: A) Carowinds/Dollywood , B) Holiday World/Kings Island, C) Hershey park/Kennywood. If anyone else has been to all these park, please comment

  5. I wish I had a friend to do this with me… It's been my dream to do this type of trip since I was a kid! No one's a coaster enthusiast like me lol!

  6. Finished watching the hole playlist. Just fantastic!!

    2 negative points you didn't mention: paid lockers and most important not allowed to film pov. While i was watching i got pissed at the park policies like i was there in person standing next to you😂.

    1 highlight/LOL moment for me was you guys searching for a kid to ride the kiddie coaster and buying him an ice-cream.

    Keep the Theme Park vlogs coming, i'll be watching!!

  7. This trip was way too big for anyone to do in perfect health. Rest days are a necessity in trips like this

  8. Loved these vlogs they reminded me of my route 66 trip last year…..I feel for both of you with the tiredness, rest days really helped us on our journey. I can not wait for you both to do another mega trip once things go back to normal…😀

  9. I wish that when you were at Kings Island that you had told the staff just who you were. You guys are a huge deal in the theme park world and had you only been able to speak with a supervisor, I bet that you would have gotten that awesome night ride on The Beast.
    I felt gutted for you when the park did not rise to the occasion. To put it bluntly, you got screwed.
    Being from North Carolina, I was thrilled to hear how much Alex loved Carowinds and Fury 325.

  10. Just rewatched the America trip again. Would you and Charlotte consider moving to the states? We are looking to move in a few years

  11. I think the next time you come up here, you should try to go to Six Flags Great America. They have such a fantastic collection of rides and one of the most well rounded coaster collections.

  12. Great series! Really enjoyed following your trip.

  13. This trip is goals someday for me. I think some parks that need to be on the bucket list for next time would be Six Flags Great America and Kentucky Kingdom. Also Lagoon and Silverwood if y’all venture out west.

  14. Seriously Shawn for the amount of money you two spent on hotels and car rental you could have bought a used motorhome and resold it at the end of the trip. Next time rent a Van. Throw a couple of air mattresses in the back and away you go. You can always grab a shower at a truck stop.

  15. “Who knows what’s coming in the future?” – Shawn, 2019

  16. Your saying pounds in uk prices what's that amount in USA money

  17. I want to plan a road trip of my own and found this playlist! Watched every video and enjoyed your reactions. My only suggestion is to redefine what you consider a "family coaster". Family coasters should be fun for the whole family and I can tell you inversions, high-speed launches, and dark indoor coasters tend to scare kids away and older people would avoid intense rides.

  18. Does project:wptruot stand for tour theme park world wide? Maybe …. Australia tour…. Europe tour…. UK Butlins tour…. would be Interesting to know of any canceled 2020 plans. Anyway onwards and upwards for 2021

  19. I understand why the channel has changed its focus but does Shawn still talk to Alex?

  20. If you paid 40 dollars and the car only took 30 just go back in and tell them they give you the 10 dollars back

  21. Cedar Fair charges $20-$25 for parking depending on the park. It's quite expensive considering there's really is no option.

  22. I love this video. You really know how to share the experience. Next time, please factor in a few rest days x

  23. Crump interrupts Shawn far too often. He's in the middle of a point and the large one jumps in and finishes it – not neccesarily the way Shawn wants to. Shawn deals with it well. I'd be snapping at him and telling him to wait his bloody turn.

  24. Can’t believe some of the negativity here. I’ve literally just binge watched the entire USA vlog and it all looked amazing. Well done to you both! Am planning something similar for next year but on a much shorter scale. Loved the tips and advice so will take all that on board for part of planning the itinerary.

  25. Just finished this Marathon again. Been watching this over the past month or so… Thinking of booking a wee trip over in a couple of years. Great vee logging Shawn 🤣

  26. Just finished watching this series for the 6th time

  27. Just like to say that I came across this USA road trip during the first lock down I've watched them a good few times and watched them in order. I think the enthusiasm from you both is brilliant and it was good to see someone join you for a while, I liked the way you were honest in your opinions on the rides was excellent I liked how sometimes you change your opinion on some rides later on after hours of running I would have been great to hear your thoughts on a late ride on the voyage as you were rained off. I like the fun you all had at Kings Dominion with the grand Carnival, but I was surprised Alex left you so many times which again was a good thing Brett was there and dollywood and cedar point along with the one with the abusive restaurant were great I know look at some of your other ones which I find fascinating keep up the good work and can't wait to see what your next road trip will be, well done

  28. I enjoy your Vlogs very much, where do you think the new Gerstlauer roller coaster, is going to go, in May 2022?

  29. Just watched this trip in order! Wow what an amazing time you had and some fantastic memories!

  30. Just under £4k eh? I was expecting it to be higher tbh.

  31. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. If this was a real test you would of heard this……………..

  32. Right Shawn. Come back to my home park Kennywood soon. I am glad you enjoyed it. Steel Curtain and the Sky Rocket 🚀 is running now and they are celebrating their 125 year this coming year. This year they are doing some refurbishment of the park. I feel it’s going to look great.

  33. Do you suggest going to either fiesta Texas over Texas or silver doller city

  34. Although the fuel is cheaper, US vehicles are generally half as efficient so that makes the cost per mile very similar.

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