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Visit Milan: what to see and what to do?

Visit Milan: what to see and what to do?

Visiting Milan and its surroundings is a must on any trip to northern Italy. Capital of fashion, the city has seen the birth of the greatest Italian luxury houses. There are also the famous historical and artistic monuments who are the pride of Milan. If you are wondering what to visit in Milan, we suggest you discover the 5 must-sees of the city in addition to events and activities not to be missed.

The Duomo, Gothic cathedral

what to visit in milan
©Moustache Girl

It is one of the cathedrals whose construction time must have reached six centuries before being completed. Many visits are organized there. A big Statue of Victor Emmanuel is erected in front of the Duomo of Milan, with an alley lit up with majestic lights pacing the adjacent streets. It is also recommended to climb on the cathedral roofsand stroll among its arrows while admiring a beautiful view of the city.

The Victor-Emmanuel II Gallery

visit milan and its surroundings

You cannot miss this monument made of a glass and iron cupola which represents the Milan fair. It is located just opposite the cathedral, it is an artistic and luminous place. It contains disproportionate arcades, with a baroque architecture and neo-classical. It would be a shame not to drop by, if you pass through this part of the city. Brand stores such as: Louis Vuitton or Prada will delight fashionistas.

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

what to do in milan
©Massimiliano Pieraccini

A famous painting known to all is hung there, we are obviously talking about the famous Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, which represents the last meal of Jesus with the apostles, on the evening of Maundy Thursday. These buildings are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This magnificent fresco is worth the detour. If you book your ticket, you will have the opportunity to admire this sublime canvas embedded in the annals of what is called art.

The Sforza Castle

what to do in milan
©Blue Planet Studio

Historically speaking, this castle is like a symbol of foreign domination. Which at first was condemned to be destroyed, but thanks to the intervention of the architect Luca Beltrami, it was renovated and baptized as Sforza Castle. Like any castle worth its salt, it houses a treasure room on the western corner of the fort.

Milan’s La Scala

what to visit in milan
©Catarina Belova

It is one of three roomsthe most prestigious opera houses in the country. Great theatrical works of Italian opera take place here. This room does contain a lot of cultural and artistic wealth. In its left wing, there is a music room containing collectible instruments, opera costumes and other heritage treasures.

The carnival of Milan

what to do in milan

An annual carnival named “Carnival of the Ambrosiano”, exhibits the different typical Meneghin and Cecca masks. It is one of oldest traditions of the country, which dates back to the 4th century. It takes place in Piazza Del Duomo. According to a calendar established by Bishop Ambrose, the carnival continues until the Saturday after Ash Wednesday.

A luxury shopping spree

what to do in milan
©Victoria Chudinova

Italy contains the cream of fashionable accessories. Whether it’s a handbag, a jacket or stiletto shoes, there’s something for everyone. For fashion lovers, their shopping will be done around big brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani… Enough to bring back particularly beautiful memories of a trip to milan ! If you are looking for bargains, the sales periods occur from January to February and from July to August… take note, fans!

La Vogue Fashion Night Out

visit milan and its surroundings
©Nadya Korobkova

It’s an evening when the city of Milan delays its sleep time until 11:30 p.m., during which we can count on more than 500 shops open at very late hours. You could get tattooed, blow-dried, and even meet fashion personalities at any time. Of the promotions and surprise gifts will amaze those who are lucky, because during an inauguration, you may benefit from the latest Prada bag or a limited edition T-shirt.

You can now go to milan eyes closed and make the most of the many charms the city has to offer!

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