visits or idleness? What to do on holiday in Malaga?

Hey, you’ve set your vacation dates and choose your future destination ? Off to Spain! A week’s holiday in Malaga or on the Costa del Sol to decompress between playa y sangria.

Yes, but here you are, torn between this urgent need to bubble and this adventurous thirst to go further than the end of your deckchair.

Discover the Andalusian coast, is it really worth it ? Or is it better to spend the week keeping an abstract eye on your offspring’s sand castles?

The calls of white villages will it be stronger than that of the beach towel?

Holidays in Malaga: viva la vida

The shortcut between spanish coasts and heaps of concrete are frequent!

Myself, I tend to turn my back on calls from the foot of the Costa Brava, Dorada and stooges.

It’s very simple, like many, I associate the holiday in spain to crowded beaches lined with 12-storey buildings. The very symbol of overtourism that tramples the streets of Barcelona and ends up ruining Pompeii.

Except that I discovered Malaga and its province in the calm and sweetness of spring. The amuse-bouche of Andalusia that leaves a taste of too few to my suitcase on wheels…

Panoramic view holidays in Malaga

Chill, bubble and bask in the province of Malaga

Of course, Malaga and the neighboring seaside resorts belong to the destinations where it is good to let yourself live. Torremolinos, Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Estepona resonate in the ears of the holidaymaker like a promise of southern lightness.

Set the clocks to Spanish time, enjoy iberico jamon vibrate on a flamenco tuneeat on the terrace at any time, taste the tinto de verano (summer wine), etc. are all (good) reasons to have a good time on the Costa del Sol.

Lovers of beaches and wild coves will nevertheless turn back to the Costa de la Luz (Tarifa). But that the water sports enthusiasts and activities of all kinds reassure themselves! The province of Malaga is made for all audiences.

With permanent air links, a favorable climate all year round and attractive rateswe understand better why European retirees establish their base camp there in low and mid season.

And they are far from the only ones! Families with children, couples and groups of friendseveryone can spend an ideal holiday on the coast or in the shade of the olive trees on the mountainside…

So take a little tour of the Tripadvisor activities page to convince your better half and prepare for your stay.

What else to do during a week’s holiday in and around Malaga?

Spread the word, the province of Malaga is worth the detour! If Seville and Cadiz attract the light of the tourist spotlight, Malaga and its surroundings do not have to be ashamed of their wealth and their sweetness of life.


There Malaga city itself got rid of the clichés it had been conveying for a long time. Insignificant behind Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the Andalusian has put an end to its image of an old-fashioned and sleepy city.

Through a proactive policy, it has risen to the rank of its models, developing aesthetic and cultural charms unsuspected.

The city intends to compete with other urban destinations popular with young (and not so young) travelers such as Dubrovnik, Naples, Porto…

Malaga city center holidaysShe, who knew how to reinvent her tourist model on the verge of exhaustion, surprises! Picasso MuseumCenter Pompidou, Museo Carmen Thyssen, Alcazaba (fort), Brand new Port, Museum of Imagination, Castillo perched, not to mention the walks in the pedestrian streets.

Compared to other coastal cities, the fair measure is in order in Malaga. Consumption prices are very reasonable. Enough to allow yourself to taste very good Spanish wines (around €3 a glass) or sit down on the terrace without risking to weigh down the holiday budget (€7 to €15 per dish).

As you can see, you can easily spend a whole day sightseeing in Malaga. And why not consider the short-stay destination (weekend, midweek) ?

As part of a romantic getawaytake a look at these well-located hotels: Petit Palace Plaza Málaga Or Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano.


You might think that Ronda is a tiny leap from the coast. Well, absolutely not!

From San Pedro de Alcantara, you will face a winding mountain road which culminates at more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Long live the rental car’s automatic gearbox. THE sea ​​views (up to the Rock of Gibraltar) are sublime there.

If your happy darlings have car sickness, don’t worry! Other routes (less impressive but also less pretty) lead to the vertiginous Ronda. Because of its location at altitude, the air is refreshing, not to say spicy.

The peculiarity of Ronda is to be built on a throat. We know it less, but it is also the cradle of bullfighting.

The old town, one of the oldest in Spain (9th century BC), can easily be visited on foot. Parking level, that’s another story! Expect to use paid parking at tiny spaces or park far, far away.


Marbella is the St. Tropez on the Costa del Sol. Chic, expensive (but accessible) and shocking, the jet-setter seaside town appeals.

There seaside promenade is acclaimed by all, families in mind.

In addition to its nightlife, its beach and its shops, the city hides magnificent alleys with flowery balconies. At the center of the “casco antiguo”, the Plaza de los Naranjos invites you to laze around in an Andalusian atmosphere.

Although I much preferred the historic center of Malaga, Marbella can be the subject of a short getaway at the end of the day.


Mijas is the embodiment of “pueblo” in Spanish par excellence. Even if the village takes on the appearance of a hyper-polished place intended for tourists, its charm is undeniable.

Pedestrian routes depart from downtown to reach points of interest in the pueblo and vistas along the coast.

If you are looking for a postcard landscapeyou will find it in Mijas.

However, you will not be the only visitors. Overcrowding, restaurants and tourist shops can put off purists looking for authenticity.

Granada: is it the excursion unavoidable while on holiday in Malaga?

I’Alhambra, among the wonders of the modern world, is THE most visited site in Andalusia. The snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background create a dazzling dreamlike setting.

symbol ofArab-Andalusian architecture or Hispano-Moorish, this fortified palace complex is one of a kind. You can find Moroccan tunes here, a renaissance touch there. Still, the Alhambra is one of its incomparable monuments.

Why don’t I advise you to visit the Alhambra during your holidays in Malaga?

To go from Malaga to Granada, it takes about 1h30 by car. That’s 3 hours of road round trip during the day!

However, the Alhambra cannot be visited in a hurry between two Chinese tourist coaches and ten school buses. ↕In my humble opinion, it is a place that’s better than an express round trip.

Planning a night there seems much more appropriate to me. Especially since airlines are developing direct flight European connections.

Other crucial information: daily entry quotas are imposed to preserve the site.

It is therefore better to prepare your visit (well) in advance and book your tickets online. At the risk of finding yourself unable to enter the Alhambra and the Generalife gardens! A tiny part of the site is still accessible without tickets, but you will only see the exterior of the buildings.

On the other hand, I can only strongly advise you to complete your discovery with a Alhambra night tour. Just for the magical and confidential side!

Then, the city of Granada is not limited to the Alhambra. The district ofAlbayzin (or Albaicin) is charming as is the historic center (Capilla Real, Granada Cathedral, Madraza, Plaza Bib-Rambla, etc.).

What I liked during my vacation week in Malaga

  • The climate and attendance in April: Intermediate holidays are perfect for benefiting from mild temperatures before the summer heat wave. Likewise, tourist numbers barely shudder at this time. The ideal conditions for a calm and pleasant holiday.
  • The balance between visits and idleness: as a family, the province of Malaga can satisfy young and old. Short excursions are available in 1/2 day to spend time by the pool or on the beach. I still have a big crush on the city of Malaga which pleasantly surprised me and where I will certainly return.
  • The sweet Spanish way of life: the residence, in which we rented an apartment, was located in a seaside resort on a human scale. Shops, restaurants, beaches, everything was accessible on foot. We really appreciated the good Spanish side of the region. Moreover, the quality of the local gastronomy amazed us.
  • Holy Week festivities: icing on the cake or rather flame on the candle, we had the chance to attend the Palm Sunday processions. This moment of exceptional popular fervor marks the start of the Holy Week festivities. For hours and until nightfall, the men of each brotherhood take turns carrying the pasos (religious scenes).

What I did not like during my vacation in Malaga

  • The architecture of certain seaside towns: from Benalmadena, the buildings become denser. The seaside and the surrounding streets are completely concreted. I find those parts immeasurably ugly. And to top it off, an expressway segments the coast!

What is the outcome of my holidays in Malaga?

view of Mijas Andalusia

In the end, I very much enjoyed my week’s vacation in Malaga with the family. Despite tenacious a priori on the Mediterranean coasts, Andalusia reconciled me with this part of the globe.

Even if he’Asia will always have my favors, I will now be more easily convinced by destinations like these.

I also plan to organize future vacations in the provinces of Seville And Cadiz. And why not a week in the Canary Islands… To be continued!


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