Vocabulary you MUST have for IELTS test | travel and holiday

[Music] [Music] accomodation a room or building in which you stay during holidays or live while I’m traveling my favorite types of accommodation or hotels all holiday a time after you lost your job he lost his job yesterday now it’s all holiday for him all inclusive a hotel deal where the price includes accommodation meals and drinks at any time I’ve never thought that hotels with all Inc Youssef service are so comfortable you can grab a piece of cake at 6 a.m. or get a cocktail at midnight half-board if you request off board at a hotel breakfast and dinner would be included in the hotel price John and Lily like their tour with half board service they spent breakfasts and dinners in the hotel and bought lunches in the nearby cafes full board if you request full board at a hotel that would include all three meals in the price of your accommodation self-catering a holiday deal where meals are not provided Mary thinks that self catering is neither pleasant-nor-painful to book to arrange and confirm a place on a flight a room in a hotel or a ticket for an event in the future if you book your plane tickets in advance they will be much cheaper breathtaking view an amazing view I’ve seen many breathtaking views during my journey to Paris busman’s holiday when you spend your free time similarly to the time when you work this expression comes from the idea that a bus driver would spend his holiday traveling somewhere on a bus unfortunately many people spend a busman’s holiday nowadays charter flight a cheap regular flight due to our modest budget we had to take a charter flight check-in desk the place at the airport where you register for your flight and deposit your luggage for off destination a distant place Australia is a far-off destination nonetheless I want to visit it getting away from it all escaping in order to rest from a daily routine after I passed my exams I wanted to get away from it all for at least a couple of days go off the beaten track to visit an uncommon place unlike my brother I prefer to go off the beaten track got it tore a tour in which a group of people is guided by an expert guided tours are a great way to learn about different places of interest head for go in a direction for I’m heading for friends for my next holidays holiday brochure a publication with details of holiday our guide gave us a great brochure about our hotel holiday destination where you go for a holiday we chose New York as our holiday destination for the next summer holiday of a lifetime a very special holiday once-in-a-lifetime last year me and my family had a holiday of a lifetime in Italy holiday resort a place where lots of people go for a holiday last year my family went on a journey to London we lived in a great tourist resort hordes of tourists crowds of tourists pores of tourists can be seen during summer near the city park in the middle of nowhere in a place that is far away from where most people live my grandmother lives in the middle of nowhere but she loves her old little village local crafts guys made in the region my sister bought some amazing local crafts on her trip to India out of season not within the main holiday period I decided to go on a journey with my friends out of season passport control a place where you get your passport checked I spent a few hours waiting in line on a passport control package tour a holiday at a fixed price in which the travel company arranges your travel hotels and sometimes meals for you we bought a cheap package tour to Italy and stayed in a big hotel by the sea picturesque village a nice beautiful village my grandparents live in a picturesque village places of interest memorable and honorable places my native city has a variety of places of interest short break a little holiday my father had a short break this year I hope you’ll be able to relax some more stunning landscape a beautiful countryside stunning landscapes are only one of many reasons why I want to visit Africa to go sightseeing to go visiting sites of interest today we went sightseeing with my friends to travel on foot / horse when I’m in a small town I prefer to travel on foot to travel by bus / plane / car / bicycle / motorcycle although I usually travel by car when I decided to visit Paris I had to travel by plane tourist attractions places which tourists tend to visit despite not being a tourist attraction new fountain is very popular among the locals tourist trap place with many tourists we’ve visited many tourists traps lately Travel Agency a shop that specializes in booking holidays I’ve bought tickets from my trip through a travel agency Wildlife Safari an observational holiday mainly in Africa I’d love to go on a wildlife safari sometime youth hostel a cheap hotel during our trip we stayed in a hostel because we didn’t have enough money for a hotel [Music] you


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