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Waiting for the economic levers in the FC Barcelona

Waiting for the economic levers in the FC Barcelona

The amazing Madrid win in the Champions League and the mystical aura that is being generated around him has had a despondent effect that seeps through each of the veins of FC Barcelona. Real Madrid’s successes are seen as inevitable as it is impossible for the Catalans to catch up with them. The distance is starry in sports, economics and in the main infrastructure, which is the stadium. Barça looks dwarfed, more in diapers than imagined, and chained hands and feet. That is, with the dark future as a hole. Except that this is football, and as Madrid has shown, things that can be explained logically don’t always happen. This unfathomable mystery has to be grabbed by the Barcelona entity.

This Tuesday one of those itinerant meetings of the board of directors is held in La Jonquera. The mood can not be vervain. For the joys of others and their own disappointments. On the table, the options to catapult income, commonly known as economic levers, which allow saving the budget that closes on June 30, wiping off debt and, above all, prolonging the bottleneck of the salary limit.

Time is running out to resolve the sale of 49% of the ‘merchandising’ management or 10% of television rights, either to CVC or another company. About 300 million for each play, they are calculated. It is not expected that the board will make a specific announcement in this regard, despite the fact that the club insists that it has been working on these assets for some time. What the subsequent statement could say is the convening of an extraordinary meeting for mid-June to obtain authorization to carry out any of these sales.

Low losses due to covid

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Joan Laporta He arrives in a hurry to save the budget for the 21-22 season, but not for the salary limit, which is a living entity and is modified based on new income and salary cuts. It’s not going to be easy for him to sign up player signings, even with the new revenue. He bitterly criticized the president that LaLiga does not make it easy for him. It should be said that he did not help himself by minimizing the losses due to Covid, to which LaLiga has been understanding and has allowed them to be compensated in five years, which would have opened the margin of ‘fair play’ considerably. But it is already known that in presidential relays it is customary to charge the inks of inherited evils (lethal in this case) and Laporta was no different.

All these levers are essential to rearm the template as you want Xavi Hernandez. Also the new salary cuts that Laporta recently hinted that he could undertake. Without all this, you can Robert Lewandowski say that he wants to leave Bayern and have Barça dreams. And the sports management can already have convinced other soccer players like the defender Christensen and the midfielder Kessie, and those who are in the landing phase. The landing of players who raise the general level depends on how to insert them into the ‘fair play’ funnel that is strangling Barça. Under the current circumstances it is impossible to register any of them. The scoreboard reflects a salary deficit of -144 million. So it is very difficult to approach Madrid even a little.

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