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Walking Around Dubai In July,Big Mistake!

Walking Around Dubai In July,Big Mistake!

While in Dubai i want for a few strolls around the streets,Seems like it does get really hot in Dubai in July!! Here are the results of an Englishman walking around Dubai when the sun is a million degrees!!

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All Video’s Shot Using The Sony HDX60V / Canon ixus 265hs / Nikon D3200 / iphone 6 Or The Polaroid Cube.

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  1. Just arrived in abu dhabi from england
    On our way to queensland australia
    It's like 40 degrees at 4 pm today
    Bloody Hell !!
    Only 6 more days of this (counting)
    Thumbs Up for the video
    Carlene/Rachel and Mitchell

  2. I literally laughed out loud when I read the title and looked at the thumbnail. He looks SOOOOOO stressed out!

  3. The only time a person should visit Dubai is during winter . The winter here is like summer in England

  4. And I thought walking around the UK in 35 degrees was bad.

  5. I was here august direct sunlight hated the ac but I’m Muslim dark brown no problems it’s the foreners can’t stop complaining

  6. englishliveanywearwithlodsofmoney

  7. Can you walk around Dubai with no top on and also can you wear any shorts and t shirts

  8. I am in Dubai and I had been living here my whole life and you never get used to the heat 😂

    And everyday you find a whole new skyscraper ! Most people come to Dubai from around September-February the temperature usually is better.

    I would recommend you to visit at winter where most tourists usually visit 🙂

    If you ever visit you should visit at the time of the expo 2020 (Which will be held in 2021-2022 because of the pandemic)

  9. How is the air quality during the summer? It looks very hazy at 7:06.

  10. 45°C with 10% humidity is bearable… but 37°C with 90% humidity is lethal…

    Humidity is key!!

  11. What a country can money make mother nature .ha ha plz come to nepal see a weather u feels like heaven. Dubai is richest money but poor in nature

  12. I could never live there, it's hard to survive that summer heat. ☀️🔥

  13. Im happy i have my ral Dubai in my EU country ..all is green, rivers , lakes, mauntains and never too hot..

  14. Dubai is beautiful but dew points above 26°C (80°F) in summer is a big NO for me.

  15. For me I’ve been living for 25 years ever since I was born in the UAE in June 10th 1996, I can tolerate the heat of May, June and September. But July and August no way!! It’s far too hot and humid nobody can tolerate.

  16. but its very less humidity 10%with 40 temp.. You can survive easily..just avoid and enjoy evening and morning in city..
    40 temp and 70humidity is not good

  17. If dubai plants more and more trees will it can overcome the heat of desert environment??

  18. Wait it get 130degrees ???!!!! Omgggggg I thought Florida was hot in summer. I ain't nevaaaaa ever felt over 105

  19. NOW I know why there’s no foot traffic in Dubai. I thought it was like a fake city but I now realized it’s just stupid hot all year round lmao. I live in Las Vegas and we have the same temperature as Dubai in the summer, except NO HUMIDITY!!!! Florida has a average of like 78 F but 100 humidity and THEY prefer Vegas’ 115 F degrees with 0% humidity over Florida, NOW IMAGINE DUBAI!!!

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