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Weather forecast France 7 and 16 days free

Weather forecast France 7 and 16 days free

Weather forecast tomorrow

Saturday June 4, 2022

Reliability 4.5/5

Storm watch West France June 4, 2022Storms watch over the West and the center?

The freshness would return as expected in the last update (from June 3 to 12, 2022).

Low pressures would dominate the country, modeled by a depression called JASA, which would tend to strengthen over Brittany and Normandy.


The main consequence would be an accentuation of the air mass conflict between the warm thrust and the semi-oceanic component (fresh cold); thus, the risk of thunderstorms would be generalized to two-thirds of the country with probably vigilance in the South-West, the Massif Central at the end of the day after a very hot day.

In this sector, storms could be violent in terms of hail, accumulation of water and electrical activity; however, the risk of a storm under the squalls would be marginal.

Going towards the Mediterranean rim, the weather would be calmer apart from the passage of a squall line at the start of the day which should affect the Var, the Alpes Maritimes and Corsica.

Temperatures would be warm overall for a month of June compared to seasonal norms for the period 1981-2010

The minimums
12C Brest.
15C Rouen and Clermont Ferrand (Puy de Dome).
16C Metz and Pau.
20C Narbonne.
22C Nice.

The maximum
19C Cherbourg.
21C Biarritz.
23C Lille.
25C La Rochelle.
27C Paris.
30C Lyons.
33C Ajaccio.

After the success of our special page on potential weather at Hellfest in 2019, we have made another one for the 2022 edition. on https://www.meteolafleche.com/Previsions/2022/meteo_hellfest.html

Find our file on the weather since the creation of the festival in 2006 on http://www.meteolafleche.com/Dossiers/meteo_hellfest_depuis_2006.html

Sunday June 5, 2022

Weather France day 2

Reliability 4.5/5

Storm watch North-East France PentecStorms still watch over the Northeast?

The JASNA low would move up towards the British Isles to merge with a newly created low pressure system: the flow would then switch to the South-West favoring the progression of oceanic air.

However, further east, the heat would still resist; the air mass conflict generated would take the form of potentially strong thunderstorms in terms of electrical activity, gusts of wind (locally stormy?) or even precipitation (hail?)!

In the South and West, the risk of showers would decrease on the sidelines of a temporary high pressure.

As for the Mediterranean rim, apart from a few showers at the start of the day in Corsica, the weather would be summery.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Weather France day 3

Reliability 3/5

A new disturbance would arrive in an oceanic flow but remaining from the South-West sector.

Consequently, if the showers would be very present, the feeling would generally remain summery except on the Channel coasts.

Medium term weather

: from 4 to 6 days

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Reliability 3/5

The westerly current would remain active but the pressure field would rise from the south during the evening; in the meantime, the showers would be more numerous and the temperatures a little fair for the season.

Wednesday June 8, 2022

Reliability 2.75/5

The high pressures would return more on the country with a ridge extending from Spain to Scandinavia.

Thus, night clearings would be more present except in the North-East with falling minimum temperatures.

During the day, with the flow heading south, the maximums would be sharply higher.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Reliability 2.75/5

The anticyclone would gradually shift towards central Europe, strengthening the southerly flow which could switch to South-East-South; hot air advection would then be intense over the Great West with average temperatures rising by a few degrees.

From D+7 D+16: long-term weather trend between 7 and 16 days

From Friday 10 to Tuesday 14 June 2022
weather next week

A new stormy offensive would be possible during the weekend preceding the start of Hellfest; a brief ocean current would occur at the start of the following week, as would the freshness.

The maximum temperatures would evolve in this way at the end of the period:

24C Nantes.
27C Burgundy.
28C Monaco.

Reliability of the long-term forecast

US GFS forecast model: 65%.

European weather model CEP: 65%.

From Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 June 2022

weather in two weeks

The pressure field would push back from the south releasing the main showers; the risk of precipitation would then appear low or even non-existent for the first edition of Hellfest; on the other hand, for the second edition, nothing very encouraging…for the moment.

The maximum temperatures would be generally quite warm compared to seasonal norms (1981-2010):
23C at Mont Saint Michel (Manche).
Maisons-Alfort (Ile de France) and Our Lady of the Landes (Loire Atlantique).
28C Nevers (Nivre), Colmar (Haut Rhin) and Antibes (Alpes Maritimes).
29C Toulouse Blagnac (Haute Garonne) and Saint-Martin d’Hres (Isre).

31C Figari (South Corsica).

Two-Week Trend Relevance


The ensemble model ENS 00h (in 60% of the scenarios) as well as GEFS would highlight a western component over the country.

Meteorological indices in connection with the Ocans

AO (Arctic Oscillation): positive.

There could then be a depressionary system from Greenland to Scandinavia via the United Kingdom.

NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation): positive.

The pressure anomalies would be negative over Western Europe (North-West France in particular), positive around the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay.

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