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We're on top of the world | Emirates Airline

We're on top of the world | Emirates Airline

Reconnect with your loved ones or take a fabulous vacation.
From 8th August travel to the UK gets easier.

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  1. This is daaaammmn DOPE! Very creative… I just saw it on TV, I decided to come watch it better on YouTube

  2. Fun fact – Superman was the camera guy on this shoot

  3. i would of pissed, puked and shat my self if i was up that high.

  4. what you say about the length of this add 0.33seconds. it sounds great because of this.. real legend we are the best all the time PujaPrem w:

  5. Its impoosible but ts real
    Salute to you emraites

  6. Job Scope:
    Standing on the tallest tower.

  7. Yükseklik korkusu olanlar bu video ile 2. Defa dirildi.

  8. This needs more credit!! Come on. Someone being brave enough to stand on the tallest building in the world!!

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