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What Exactly Is EXPO 2020 Happening In Dubai | Curly Tales UAE

What Exactly Is EXPO 2020 Happening In Dubai | Curly Tales UAE

You’ve heard the name EXPO 2020. Everyone’s talking about it. All over the world! But What IS EXPO exactly? Why have countries around the world been waiting for this event?

We’re going to tell you just that! From its 170-year history and world-changing innovations like the first telephone and the ice cream cone to icons that shaped the modern world and 191 pavilions this EXPO 2020!

EXPO 2020, Dubai is meant to be a celebration of human achievement. It will be an opportunity for people from around the world to connect and experience the best of art, culture, technology and innovation that THE WORLD has to offer.

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  2. Well planned illuminate mission, the building made like the eye of dajjal

  3. This dude looks like Wagner Moura, the actor who played Pablo Escobar in Narcos.. Look again

  4. I suggest you to change the title coz your content doesn’t seem to be about it

  5. under kya hai koi nhi dikhata … kyo bhai.. ????

  6. Australia pavilion is serving beer that taste really good, they were able to get a permit to sell beer but didn’t bother getting a permit to sell pork when their country is known for good barbecue. A country is supposed to showcase their best cuisine, but what if a that country’s best consist of pork?

  7. The last EXPO was in KAZAKHSTAN in 2017!

  8. Its a bigger sized global village ! Nothing special, if its so big and special why nobody heard about it before, infact nobody knows what is expo

  9. How much money will this guy take take to calm his hands and his expressions?

  10. Other expos: first tv broadcast, a FERRIS WHEEL, the FASTEST ELEVATORS at the time
    dubai: big dome 😀
    well damn, i hope that dome leads to the creation of warp speed spaceships cause its doing a whole hella lot of nothing right about now

  11. Hello if anyone wants to buy the jubilee experience VIP box for the expo reply to this comment . Also if anyone wants to buy expo passes please contact me as I'm selling for much cheaper .

  12. Themed Park of the World

  13. I love expo 2020 soo much and I know it

  14. I have visited one time using my multi pass.After that visit,my pass were lost/stolen. I would like to know whether others can use my pass to enter.

  15. Expos are a hang out package for rich.
    People like us can hang out in a shop😂

  16. This was a really awesome video! I got to visit a couple weeks back. I would’ve needed at least two weeks to experience it all. So much to see and do! In about 4-5 hrs I was able to see 3 pavilions and eat at one of the restaurants at the expo.

  17. The first Ferris wheel was amazing and showy at the Chicago Fair, but it’s sad how he failed to mention how Nikola Tesla’s Polyphase Alternating Current system (the stuff in those power lines) was chosen to power the fair and it helped the outcome of the war of the currents.. I’m hoping Dubai demonstrated their renewable energy plan and how they’re shifting away of from oil…..

  18. Why only 6 monthes 😭 atleast it should be 5 years

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