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What I Learned From Owning My Own Restaurant After 1 Year

What I Learned From Owning My Own Restaurant After 1 Year

My restaurant has been open for over a year now. I thought I’d give you an update on what it’s been like and how I managed to survive in the restaurant business despite many obstacles and being in one of the hardest businesses to open.

It has not been easy and I’m sure there will be more interesting things that will happen in this business that will force me to question why I got into this in the first place, but it’s been worth it (I think). Here is my advice for those looking to open their own restaurant.

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  1. How old were you when you opened this venue? Do you think if you had gone in younger , you might have had more en
    ergy/less obligations and been able to establish infrastructure earlier in life and been a little more hands off by the present?

  2. I would like to know how to hire good people especially a good manager who I can incentivize really well

  3. I wish he knew my boss. He owns the place and is there 3 days a week not even till close. Wish I had that schedule and the income….

  4. I have definitely become more inspired by watching this 🏆🙏🏽 thank you my brother

  5. Did u use ur money or got a business loan? wat u do for a living before this? People always talk about that they got this n that for the business but those things cost thousands!

  6. The beard serves you very well. It looks so nice on you.

  7. I successfully set up my restaurant business through the help of a Public Loan Company which granted me a loan of 350k at 3% rate in return, I'm paying monthly and it's been going so well working with them.
    Anyone looking for a loan to start up or expand their businesses should find a link on my profile bio to find their website on how to apply.

  8. This was so helpful! Thank you so much for all the grand details of what to expect…I'm on a journey and have many wanting me to shut up about opening a small take-out but I'm ready…Catering is ok for now…I'm researching how to make it happen and glad I saw your video.

  9. Hello, I’m researching on opening a restaurant and I would appreciate if you can go into details on how to start it? Things like location, menu, payroll, and more. Thank you!

  10. Hey Anton are you looking for a hard working cook? Where are you located? I like your video and I can relate looking for a real business to work for plus I love soul food my first job was cooking at m&g soul food diner my home!! Hit me back let’s talk! Thanks in advance!

  11. Brother and sir what the F is up!?.
    Hella love from the ca. foothills.
    All the words ya speaks is real and kindesss.
    I’m working on it man. God bless & a massive thank you.

  12. Thank you for sharing this! How did you go about funding?

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