What is the best site to book your plane ticket?

I won’t go through four airports to give you the right answer. No need to look for hours: book your plane ticket directly on the airline’s website remains the preferred solution.

Why book your plane ticket on the airline’s website?

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Kayak, Bravofly, Opodo, Skyscanner, Easyvols, Ebookers…and others

comparatorAll the generalist travel sites (Opodo, Go Voyages, Ebookers etc…) which offer various services ranging from car rental to All-inclusive stays only play the role of agent in the sale of plane tickets. If all goes well, great! But…

who says agent also says resigning in case of problems

They will never intervene in a baggage dispute or a flight cancellation in your favor, they will only be the intermediary between you and the airline.

In addition, they do not allow you to book the valuable options that are offered on the airlines’ sites (special meals, seats with space, additional baggage).

Lived experiences: the galley does not only happen to others

Extended weekend in Rome

canceled flight

Weekend in Rome, the two without anyone…an air of a perfect romantic getaway.

And memories of a return flight on Air France booked on Sunday evening and postponed to Monday morning 8am To a few days of departure. Finally, it was delayed and did not take off until noon.

One night on site and one extra day off not provided for in the budget and the programme. At 3 weeks from Christmas, it’s nerd!

False start in India: change of destination

india-mapI have other much more stressful memories ofa beginning of a trip to India as chaotic as the roads of the country. The “Ebouquetin” site had forgotten to inform me of the cancellation of the Finnish company’s flights to Bombay. For the entire season, Finnair only flew to New Delhi. A straw for those who know the distance-time relationship in India.

Difficult not to panic the day before departure when you hear the news, especially when you think of the domestic flight and the car rental with driver to follow. But the site’s after-sales service tells me that the company covers the Delhi-Bombay route and that there is no problem for the rest of the trip. Which I’d rather make sure two sacred cows than one even though, as a former travel agent, I know the rules.

Theoretically, everything should go well. In practice I am remained on the tarmac in Delhi with my 5 year old daughter and my husband.

Needless to mention the round trips between the international and national airport of Delhi in a competition bus, the redemption of two domestic flights x 3 people at a high price, the three seats dispatched in the planes, the stress and the adventure that followed. An unforgettable first contact with India which fits perfectly with the slogan of the country’s tourist office: Incredible India !

A few rupees more, the price of tranquility

Since these disappointments, I consult the best “price-combinations” on mega-comparators such as Skyscanner, Easyvols, Momondo etc… and I then book my plane ticket on the website of the chosen airline. Even if I have to pay a few more rupees, I have the assurance ofhave a single point of contact in the event of a problem and I can fly on both ears.

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