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What to do 3 days in Milan?

What to do 3 days in Milan?

Thing promised, thing due! So here is a short summary of my stay in Milan and its tips written with love! Morgane, my partner in crime for this city trip and I left from Sunday 20 at 06:20 to Wednesday 23 at 8:15. In other words, we had 3 full days on the spot: enough for a visit of the main assets of Milan. I have split the article into several parts: how to get to Milan, stay there, get around, what to do there… and above all what to eat (hihihi)!

Get there

We had our flight for 32€ round trip with Ryanair from Brussels/Charleroi to Milan/Bergamo. I still went for a ride today on their site and the a/r are less than 30€ in September and October! Once there it takes 1 hour to get to Milan. We took the shuttles Motorway » at 9€ one way and return Milan Central StationBergamo Orio Al Serio (= the airport). It’s very simple, leaving the arrivals area in the airport, directly on your left, there are a lot of counters with different bus companies everything is around 4-5€ per trip and no need to book in advance, it is settled on the spot! Our company’s buses run from 7:45 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. for the outward journey and for the return trip from 2:45 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.

city ​​trip 3 days in milan to see: the duomo
Duomo – On the left is Piazza del Duomo in front of the cathedral and on the roof of the Duomo on the right.


First, we thought about renting a Airbnb. However, renting “just” for two sometimes comes down to the same price as the hotels / hostels there. So the only advice I can give is that if you want to go on a city trip with friends, go with more than two: the more the merrier (and the less you pay haha)! Well, on the other hand, as far as we are concerned, we really had the #bonplan. An acquaintance of Morgane had made her Erasmus there and offered us to sleep in his kot (which was still rented anyway until the end of August). As a result, in terms of accommodation, we were rather well served since we were able to squat for free!


The metro/bus/tram system is not bad and Milan is well connected. Our “STIB” is equivalent to their “ ATM “. A one-trip card is worth €1.50 (“Urban ticket”), but for a 3-day city trip I would recommend taking packages of 10 trips at €13.80 or a “two-day ticket” at €8, 25€ for example. They also have a Noctis system (which also allowed us to have the 04:35 shuttle at Central Station to get to the airport). → Their stops/lines here. Since now the roaming no longer exists in Europe, Google Maps allowed us to make tailor-made routes to find out what transport we had to take on the spot! It really made our life easier!

To eat

milan city trip: dining obica duomo
Mozarella Bar “Obica – Duomo” on a rooftop overlooking Piazza Del Duomo // Ray-Ban glasses via Zalando. By the way…a short guide to the perfect glasses by here!!

Clotilde Bistrot: Found a bit by chance when we were looking for a place to eat for lunch, we went back the next day to try one of their breakfasts! Attention, to have access to a mega buffet of-the-death-that-kills according to the waiter, be there before 10:30 am. We arrived late because we hadn’t really understood the times on the menu, but friendly as they are, they still served us a brunch for latecomers! The staff is really caring: I advise !

Via Galileo Galilei, 2, 20124 Milano (a 3-minute walk from the M3 Repubblica stop).

Obica Duomo: A mozzarella bar, on the top floor (7th) of the building on the left side of the Duomo. The front floors belong to a sort of Italian-style Inno, which is very classy. We were a little afraid of the prices but in the end we had taken a dish and a starter for the two of us for 16€ each (water + tax included*). Super good and well supplied: we had a hard time finishing! The staff was super welcomingwe tried a little bit to speak to them in Italian when we took our order and they really appreciated the effort especially I think haha!

Via Santa Radegonda 1 | Rinascente, 20121 Milano (M1/3 Duomo).

Cioccolati Italiani: You may have seen it on instagram, this colossal ice cream that ended up as a supper! The Gelateria is near the Duomo, in the small streets behind. There are a lot of possibilities, each crazier than the other. We opted for the Cialda Chiedimi se sono Felice » at 7.50€ (it was the most expensive but it is really crazy). For this sum you will have: 2 chocolate balls, 3 vanilla balls, crispy rices, a spoon of nutella, sticks of caramelized almonds, caramel sauce and a small cone filled with melted milk chocolate.

Via S. Raffaele, 4, 20121 Milano (M1/3 Duomo).

Paper Moon: Last restaurant that we did in Milan, not far from the Duomo. It was a little cheaper than what we experienced because the dishes were around 15-25€*. I wasn’t in great shape (fatigue and probably a little sunstroke) so I didn’t take full advantage. Too bad because it really looked like a very good italianI only had an appetite for one first dish, which equals a starter (usually pasta) and it was really good. The staff was super nice and the food arrived quickly.

Via Bagutta, 1, 20121 Milan, Italy (M3 Montenapoleone or M1 San Babila)

Panini Durini: The equivalent of an exki, really nice place for breakfast (small croissant and coffee). If we had had more time, I would still have tried to go there for lunch because their salads looked exceptional! They are everywhere in Milan 🙂

What we would have liked to test (on recommendations):
Amorino, Marghe, Flower Burger, Piz, Ciaccia Coi Ciccioli, Salad Me Cafe, Carezio 7.

* Little tip so as not to have any surprises, when you go to a restaurant in Italy there is a tax (“coperto”) at the end of the meal which is added to the bill: it’s the service and the bread! This varies from 2 to 3€ per cover.

city ​​trip to milan: to see galleria vittorio emmanuele
Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II & ice cream from Cioccolati Italiani near the Duomo

Visit Milan in 3 days

I had concocted three typical days for us that I modified a little according to our adventures and with the must-sees of Milan. Now, it can be adapted to all sauces, lengthened or shortened according to your priorities! I hope this article has given you the desire to take a little trip to Milan! If you have any questions do not hesitate! 🙂

Day A – Center & Shopping

Cathedral: do it either in advance by booking on their website or be lucky like us that there is not a lot of line neither at the tickets nor at the entrance to the Duomo! Tickets are different depending on the places you want to visit. We have “only” been on the roof, it was really nice and there is a crazy view (fortunately after 166 steps)! You can also see from there, a phenomenon of Italian architecture: the Torre Velasca. Piazza del Duomo is the center of all levels of transport (M1/M3 Duomo, + trams & buses).

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele: next to the Duomo is this gallery. For Belgians, this is equivalent to our Galeries Saint Hubert in Brussels, but 3x bigger! the floor is great and the tradition is that if you are a tourist, you have to go for a walk on the …coucougnettes of the bull on the ground. I explain: “The legend says that anyone who is able, positioned on the sensitive part of this famous progenitor, the testicles to name them soberly, and using the right heel, to pivot a complete turn, making a wish, he will see this wish come true! “. Then there is Corso Vittorio Emmanuele: shopping street located after the Galleries. There are stores such as Disney Store, Abercrombie & Fitch, Mango, Zara, Pull&Bear, etc, etc! (M1/3 Duomo or M1 San Babila)

Teatro alla Scala: Small square on which you have to pass to see the front of the theater and why not go inside! After that, we find the ” Quadrilatero della moda (M3 Montenapoleone), which is a fashion district but clearly more upscale: you can find big brands like Armani, Salvatore Ferragno, Dior, etc! Further down there is the Via Torino: the equivalent of our rue Neuve but with a few stores not found around here such as Stradivarius, Victoria Secret, OVS, Terranova and many others.

Aperitif Navigli: the good plan to enjoy a cocktail at 11-12€ with an all-you-can-eat buffet! There are plenty of small bars that follow the concept on the Naviglio Grande, a canal in the south of the city. In the evening it’s quite lively: I therefore recommend the Movito, the bar where we went.

aperitivo navigli
Aperitivo at the Naviglio Grande, in the Movida bar

Day B – North Milan

Go breakfast at Clotildeas long as you’re around! [M3 Repubblica]. Then you can go to Giardini Indro Montanelli To see the Natural History Museum as well as Villa Reale. Nice park in which to rest a little!

PicMonkey Collage4 What to do 3 days in Milan?
Chiara Ferragni’s store, near Piazza Gae Aulenti and Momo threatens her at Panini Durini while waiting for our breakfast

Then you can go even further north of the city (more modern) to see the Bosco Verticale. Super impressive. For fans like me, it’s also an opportunity to take a look at the shop of Chiara Ferragni (the most famous international blogger), … to dream, or not! It is located in Via Vincenzo Capelli, 5 (M5/2 Garibaldi) next to other major brands.

In this side of the city, it is also a little commercial, you will be able to find shops like Sephora, Nike and others near the Piazza Gae Aulenti (M5/2 Garibaldi). After doing this little tour, you can go to the Monumentalthe cemetery famous for “his funerary art”.

city ​​trip milan to see monumental
In front of the Monumental

Day C – West of the city

Appointment at Castello Sforzesco to see famous Italian remains such as Arco Della Pace and the Palazzo della Triennale (M1 Cairoli or M1/2 Cadorna). Below there is the Santa Maria Delle Grazie where we wanted to go see the famous painting “La Cène”, except that we had to Reserve.. and that in addition it was closed when we went there #veritablestouristes. To return to the center afterwards, there is the Via Danteshopping street that we saw from afar but did not know how to do!

Castello Sforzesco, Arco Della Pace
Arco Della Pace & Castello Sforzesco

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