What to do in Boston in two days?

What to do in Boston in two days?

What to do in Boston in two days?

After two three-day stays in Boston, I offer you a small mix of activities that will appeal to all ages and that will allow you to discover a large part of the city in two days. Although for my part I recommend you to stay a little longer because it is really a peaceful and interesting city, you can easily soak up its history in a short time.

And if you don’t like the activities, you can always wander around this city which is not so big compared to other American megalopolises. You will cross long streets with small red brick buildings that will certainly remind you of English houses.

  1. Freedom Trail

    If you only have a short time in front of you, I really advise you to do this course as a priority. You will follow a path already marked out for 4 kilometers which will allow you to discover a good part of the history of American independence. I won’t tell you more about it here because I made an article dedicated to this path, you can find it here: Follow the Freedom trail in Boston

  2. JFK Library and Museum

    A good discovery that this museum dedicated to the history of one of their most famous president. A little far from the city center and close to the beaches, the museum imposes itself in a modern architecture. You will not have this feeling of being concentrated in a museum and the visit is all the more pleasant. Thanks to this one you will discover or rediscover the history of JFK. You will be shown everything Americans have accomplished while he was in power as the first American to go into space. You will also see his office as it was then, a reconstruction of the polling stations of the time, a presentation of Jackie Kennedy’s belongings and clothes. After I recognize that for us Europeans it is interesting but not sensational. But if you had seen the Americans for them it’s different, many still worship him and I even saw one who was dressed like Jackie Kennedy….

  3. The Science Museum

    This gigantic museum will appeal to adults and children alike. You will discover two floors with activities to do all along. You have rooms dedicated to animals (dinosaurs, etc.), astronomy, mineral stones. We also learn how to save money in everyday life and in our homes… And above all, go see the show on electricity, even if it’s mainly for children, you’ll have a good time with a reconstruction of a storm (avoid despite everything the small ones who can be surprised with the loud noise). You can also go to the Charles Hayden planetarium to see 3D shows for an additional fee.

  4. skywalk observatory

    The skywalk is inside and on the 52nd floor of a fairly luxurious mall. I have to tell you that if it hadn’t been included in my Go boston card I probably wouldn’t have done it. But unlike other towers, we weren’t searched and didn’t have to wait to get to the top. Once there it is possible to have a 360 degree view of the city of Boston. I must admit that it’s even more pleasant when you have a beautiful blue sky. You have huge maps to teach you more about the history of the city and if you speak English you can even have fun with quizzes to test what you have learned during your stay!

  5. Boston Museum of Fine Arts

    Museums of fine arts you will find in all cities. Sometimes interesting, sometimes less, but I enjoyed this one because the interior was very well laid out. The rooms were not overcrowded, and above all far fewer visitors than in other museums. For my part, I preferred the part on the Old Egyptian Empire and European and French painting of the 19th century with Claude Monet or Paul Gauguin. But also more atypical, it has the largest collection of Japanese art outside of Japan with a superb reconstruction of a Buddhist temple. To eat at noon, I recommend the canteen. Generally I hate it but here it was only with healthy products and it was surprisingly quite good.

  6. Isabella Stewart Gardner Gardens

    This museum was founded by Isabella herself. She was an art collector who traveled a lot and amassed a lot of objects and paintings during these trips. You will be surprised because from the outside you will not see anything but once inside you will see the magnificent facade and the magnificent gardens. The rooms are quite dark and during busy periods you will have to wait a bit before entering some rooms. The house is sumptuous but it’s quite old and it’s even sometimes so crowded that you don’t know where to turn.

  7. Charles River Cruise

    If you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that I love taking little cruises around town. Why? already when the weather is nice it is pleasant especially when you are outside. In addition you rest while listening to the explanations of the captain (Well, on the other hand, you have to speak English and above all he speaks very quickly!) and what I like even more is to be able to take pictures of the city with hindsight necessary which is possible by boat. In addition it only lasts 45 minutes, it’s perfect if you only stay two days! (you have one every hour)

Famous universities:

In the Boston area there are no less than 52 universities, which is huge. But the ones that stand out are MIT’s Institute of Technology. You can stop to see the campus and even visit the MIT museum. It’s obviously mostly for tech enthusiasts, but if you’re curious you can see it too. Like me, you will be surprised by all these robots, the holographs and the many discoveries made by the teams of the institute.

And of course don’t miss the number 1 university in the world, I named Harvard. The university is located in the pretty town of Cambridge and close to the city of Boston. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read my article on Harvard: Visit Harvard University and its Natural History Museum

Visits and City Card:

The price is very attractive and for 52 euros you can do 4 of the most important places in the city. You have the New England Aquarium, the science museum, the skywalk observatory and your choice of the harvard natural history museum or the cruise. I preferred its competitor because the aquariums I have done too much and I saturate a little. But if you have children it can be very nice too!

☞ To book your city passes: Boston City Pass – Best Of: access to the city’s 4 best attractions – skip-the-line tickets

You can choose the formula that suits you best: for example you can take an all inclusive for two days which will cost you 80$us for adults and 56$us for children. You can choose from all the top attractions in the city. Otherwise you have explorer passes with 3 choices of museum for $72 or 4 for $92. In fact you can compose a little according to your desires.

☞ To reserve your Go Boston card: Boston Pass – Complete Offer: access to more than 50 Museums, Activities, Tours and Attractions – Skip-the-line tickets

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