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What to do in Milan with children

What to do in Milan with children

Claudiaexpat has prepared a list of things to do in Milan with children. If you want to add your ideas and suggestions, write to him.

I had never considered Milan a particularly cheerful city to live in or just to visit with children. I remember that when I had to live there with my children who at the time were 1 and 5 years old, there were days when I broke my head to find something challenging enough to do with them. Today, when I look at the young mothers who live in Milan, whether expatriate or local, I am delighted to see that in the end there is lots of activities and great things to do with the kids. Some already existed in my timeothers are new, and come from the cultural development that the city experienced with the last mayor.

I have just spent three weeks in my hometown, I have looked, discovered, asked, read, and I am happy to summarize in this article all the information I have gathered, which I hope will be useful for future expatriate mothers who are going to settle in Milan, and to those who are visiting there.


Let’s start with the museums, because beyond the traditional Museum of Science and Technologywhere we always have activities and seminars of all kinds for children, and the old and well-known Civic Museum of Natural Historywhere there is also a pretty Planetariumtoday we have a specific museum for children, the Mubaand a new modern art museum, the MUDECdesigned with children in mind, and which always offers exhibitions for the little ones.

children's museum

Photo credit TGCOM24

Other museums that might be of interest to children, and which have organized activities or visits for them, are:
– The CAP (Modern Art Pavilion) offers many guided tours and seminars for children)
– The Brera Pinacotecato introduce children to works of classical art
– The WOW Museum (Comics Museum)
Renaissance Museum
– The Egyptian Museumwhich is located in the Castello Sforzesco, where there is Sforzinda, a series of activities that the Municipality of Milan constantly organizes for children
Milan Triennial
– The Dome MuseumCathedral
– There is also a aquariumsmall but nice.

The parks

Milan has never been a city full of green spaces, but we should still not denigrate some parks which are very pretty for children and adults. Among them :

Sempione Park
Porta Venezia Gardens
The Wood in the City
– The Gardens of the Rotonda de la Besana (where is the MUBA, Children’s Museum),

If your children like to walk, there is a very beautiful and architecturally interesting place, the Square Gae Aulentian elevated roundabout 100 meters in diameter, surrounded by modern skyscrapers (and quite impressive for children) and with a fountain in the middle that children will love.

If, on the other hand, your children like to spend time indoors, and above all to read and discover, all the main bookstores in Milan have a very nice section for children, Feltrinelli and Mondadori to name just two, but there are many more.
In particular I liked the Bookstore Back in Corso di Porta Ticinese, which has a very nice children’s area and lots of activities.

For a bit of culture, I advise you to take them to see the Cenacolo by Leonardo da Vinci, https://www.cenacolo.it/but admission must be booked in advance, and the magnificent Noah’s ark in a fresco by Aurelio Luini (1530-1593), which is in the very beautiful church of San Maurizio, Corso Magenta, not too far from Santa Maria delle Grazie, the imposing church which houses the Cenacolo Vinciano.

san maurizio

We all know kids love ice cream, and in Milan, like the rest of Italy, there are great ice cream parlors all over the place. My special recommendation is for the ice cream of cobblestone, that I tried recently, and which for me remains the best ice cream so far in Milan.

There are many toy libraries in Milan (you find them by writing ludoteche+milano on google), but my favorite remains Giocomondoan intercultural space in the Romolo/Barona area, where children and parents from all backgrounds meet, play and share.

the Milan Lido I particularly like it because it is one of the oldest spaces for children and their families. It was opened in 1932 with the aim of giving Milanese a real bath in the city. Today it hosts a huge swimming pool, a mini golf course, and a green space to play.


Claudia Landini (Claudiaexpat)
Jakarta, Indonesia
August 2017

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