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What to visit in Boston? Itinerary in 48 hours flat

What to visit in Boston?  Itinerary in 48 hours flat

After spending a year on the East Coast, and 15 days from the big departure for 9 months in California, I wanted to take a little “Bostonian” getaway for a weekend… And this article aims to share that.

Capital of Massachusetts, home of the prestigious Harvard University, Boston is one of the many cities to visit in the United States, but you already know that. Once you arrive at the airport, you have free shuttles that will transport you to the metro station ” Airport » blue line (5 mins away). Handy, right? Count around $2.50 per metro ride.


For information, accommodation in Boston is extremely expensive, it is one of the most expensive cities in North America. More than ever, it will therefore be necessary to take a good look at the promotions on sites like Hotels, which are full of good deals and user reviews. A word of advice, don’t wait to book your hotel, prices soar very quickly and it can therefore go up very high. Here is a list of discounted hotels that should interest you.

The alternative solution and which I prefer because it is cheaper is to rent an apartment via sites like Airbnb. In general, it’s really cheaper than a hotel and it feels like home since you’re in your own apartment. In short, I recommend this option above all else. 🙂

Don’t forget to book your accommodation as soon as possible because Boston is a very expensive city. Good deals go fast!


Why not start your day with the ” Freedom Trail » ? It is simply a way to know the history of the city. After trying to figure out which way to go (even if it means doing things, you might as well do them well) a man stops in the middle of his morning jog to throw a… “Can I help you? Can you imagine a Parisian saying that to you? What’s more, in the middle of a sports session? Me no. But let’s not get into this debate 🙂

All you have to do is follow the red line painted on the ground…

Perfect for people who don’t have a very developed sense of direction or who don’t want to look at their plan every 5 minutes and say to themselves “Well, where are we? »

In short, meet at the corner of Tremont & of Park Street and let’s go for a 4 km walk through the places and monuments that have been important in the history of Boston. For non-bilinguals, I advise you to carry a small French guide under your arm all the same… Just to understand what you see and to know where to mark the stops.


A little peckish during the walk? Believe me, there is no shortage of choice. There’s something for everyone, especially if your tummy is calling around ” Quincy Market » (the old Halles). Inside you will find lots of small stands for a ridiculous price. Or, at your choice, settle in the parallel streets and enjoy the animation of the surroundings 🙂

We then went to the ” bunker hill » where is the USS constitution (free visit).


Taken by the weather, we favored the shuttle boat for $3 per person and arrived, 15 minutes later, at the port (Aquarium metro station) where we had an appointment for a 4-hour boat trip in order to go admire the whales (Boston Harbor Cruises – Whale Watch) For rates: Child: $35 / Adult: $45 / Senior $40

Have we seen any? Yes, one, not even 10 seconds…

Great! It was not our lucky day… We then had dinner around Quincy Market, then we ended the evening at Hennessy’s (Irish pub, guaranteed atmosphere, entrance $5, beer from $3) after having tried another bar so that at the entrance we were told ” No, it’s not going to be possible, it’s not you in the passport photo“. ” You are serious? Ah, yes, he was… A word of advice, so take several pieces of ID if you can.

For those who wish to visit the main attractions of Boston (Museum of Science, the Observatory, …), I strongly advise you to buy a CityPass which collects all these emblematic tourist places of the city and which also allows to blow the girls of expectations. It barely costs $50. Buy it in advance, the prices are lower. That happens here.


Sunday, direction Beacon Hill!

Very quiet area, with magnificent Victorian houses with lots of trees… very pretty! Then, along the Charles River » we took the metro to « Charles/MGH » direction Harvard (stop « Harvard University ” Red line).


“Tex Mex” lunch break at the “ Border Cafe ». By 35 degrees I doubt that the choice of spicy was the best decision made this weekend but the restaurant is very good by the way! Fancy an American break? Then head to the ” Bartley’s » where you can enjoy the best burgers in bostonand has been for more than 50 years.

Harvard is in front of you, browse the gardens, admire the architecture, lie down in the grass and think of yourself as one of those students straight out of a good old American series!


Stop along the way at LP Licks » for a gourmet break! On the menu: ice creams, sundaes, homemade coffee, fake grass hanging on the wall and tables in the shape of cow stains! Yum !


The Boston Map application allows you to have a city map on your smartphone, even without an internet connection. Very useful then! For the subway, take Boston T Map.

The weekend is over… it’s time to go home! Oh, are you staying? How lucky you are, because I loved it! Don’t forget to share your good addresses. Have a good trip ! 🙂

Guest article by Julie, thanks to her 🙂

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