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What tourist activities are available in Monaco?

What tourist activities are available in Monaco?

The holidays arrive and bring with it a desire for a change of scenery. Want to head to a new fashionable destination while avoiding the mass tourism that is sure to invade the coasts? The editorial staff has the perfect solution to meet all your criteria: visit the wonderful Monaco principatythis country with a rich history and multiple cultures that will delight your heart.

Discover Monaco

Monaco is a very small country, also called the Principality of Monaco, which is located near the coast of Nice, in the south of France. This city is an independent state attached to the European Union, where we speak French and trade in euros. It is particularly known for being a fashionable city, popular with jet-setters for its casinos and its marina where you can admire several yachts mooring next to each other. The state of Monaco is under the reign and jurisdiction of the royal Grimaldi family, which has been its sovereign for several centuries. It is a small country which lacks neither charm, nor history, nor places to visit that we will explain to you a few lines below.

Must-see places to visit in Monaco

Monaco is full of places to visit that will all make you lose your footing a little more and make you feel 100% on vacation. We strive, in this article, to make you a selection of must-sees in the city.

The Rock district

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The Rocher district represents the upper part of the city of Monaco, and is considered the heart of the beauty of the state. There are houses dating from the Enlightenment and well after, with the charm of the old and impeccable conservation. Its cobbled streets, its ramparts of old stones and its tranquility will propel you into a setting worthy of a fairy tale. Do not miss, during your tour by the Rock, to visit the Royal Palace, the cathedral but also the chapel of the Visitation. We advise you to end your day, a drink in hand, sitting on a terrace to contemplate the sunset with an incredible panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and the horizon in the distance.

The Monte Carlo Casino

Whether you are a fan of gambling or not, whether you want to spend the evening there or just take a quick trip to visit, the Monte Carlo casino is an essential place in the history of the city of Monaco. Founded by Charles Garnier in 1879, it is the scene of many debaucheries, romances and astronomical gains. More than one player has come out with deep pockets from this casino, but that’s not what makes it famous. The Casino de Monte-Carlo attracts the general public for the beauty of its architecture taken straight from the Belle Époque. Its salons are known to be the most sumptuous, and its theater-opera would be a true wonder of the world.

The Exotic Garden

The Exotic Garden deserves its name with a capital E. This place of relaxation and calm is home to no less than 900 species from a climate very different from that of Monaco. You can find all kinds of cacti, aloes or even more majestic trees such as fig trees. Take the time to get lost in the paths, to contemplate life taking its course and take a few lessons in botany by reading the signs that describe the species here and there in the garden. Short obligatory passage by the Observatory Cave and you’ll be good to walk away with enchanting images in your head.

The oceanographic museum

If you are a fan of marine fauna and flora, or you are simply curious about the world around you, the oceanographic museum is a place that you should not skip under any circumstances during your visit to Monaco. The latter, which was created by the Prince Albert first of the name in the 1910s, boasts a collection of more than 6,000 species, plants and marine living beings combined. This visit will allow you to fully immerse yourself in underwater life and discover all its mysteries and secrets. Finally, the highlight of the show lies in the Lagoon, a complete reconstruction of a real coral reef, exhibited right in the middle of the museum.

The Prince’s Palace

As during a visit to England, it is imperative to take a trip to the Queen, it is the same in the state of Monaco. Monaco being a city under the reign of the Grimaldis, they have their castle, located in the Rocher district as mentioned a few lines above. This Palace is full of stories and subtleties, and we can only advise you to take a guide on board during your visit to learn as much as possible about every corner of the building. Do not leave until you have been able to attend changing of the guardsa very ceremonial spectacle that is worth the wait.

The Monte Carlo district

Monte-Carlo is the luxury and wealthy district of the principality. Known for its sumptuous buildings, Monte-Carlo is probably the most famous and popular place of the small country that is Monaco. Some of the most beautiful buildings in the city are also in this part, and a detour through its alleys will propel you directly into a film of the Roaring Twenties, where everything was possible and everything was permitted.

Other ideas of places to visit

As it is impossible to detail everything in a single article, the editorial staff leaves you a small list of the places that we did not have time to mention, hoping that you will have the time to visit them all. :

  • The Princess Grace Rose Garden
  • Monaco Cathedral
  • The beach
  • the Condamine market
  • The automobile museum
  • Villa Elsa

Finally, it seems important to us to remind you that one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture is to chat with the locals. Have a good trip !

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