where to eat in florida?

Fascinated by the richness of the asian cuisinethe prospect of a Florida trip causes unprecedented anxiety. Usually we look forward to there gastronomy of our future destination.

Even if we end up telling ourselves that it doesn’t matter and that we’re not going there for that. There, with the United States, we are immediately unsatisfied. What are we going to eat during our 19 day Florida road trip ?

First round at land of junk food and fast foodwill our trip be desperate or greedy?

In the land of junk food, what are we going to eat in Florida?

It is with a head full of clichés and a worried palate that our first trip to the United States begins.

With a small budget, difficult to eat cheaply especially for a family of 4. Barely landed in Florida, we quickly realize that food will not be a problem. Fast food outlets are popping up everywhere.

shares of giant pizzasof the ice cream galore, liters of soda and many other sweets are sold in quantity.

No more wanderings between the street stalls of the Thai capital and their dishes at a few hundred baht. Here, we take the car and enter the temple of driveof burger and milkshake. And, yes, unsurprisingly, that’s the kind of food to eat in Florida.

Discovering American fast food

As we are naturally curious, we decided to test the different brands of fast food and compare them. We avoided restaurants where taxes and service are added to the final price in order to devote our budget to leisure. Here is our adventure in the heart of American gastronomy to share without depriving yourself.


Arby’s, a stopover between Orlando and Clearwater, which remains among our worst experiences. Despite the originality of curly fries, the sandwiches were dry and bland. A disappointing record as the cleanliness of the premises. In short, avoid eating in Florida at all costs at Arby’s!

Taco Bell

THE Tacos with Mexican sauce do you want some here! Fire, hot or diablo, the ketchup is moving. In short, very present tastes. We validate!

taco bell fast food

five guy’s

Barack Obama himself’s favorite channel! Here, homemade fries with kilos of sacks of potatoes everywhere and custom burgers. Indoors, it’s the bare minimum, however.

five guys fast food


The Highway side diner open 24 hours a day. Efficient, fast, giant pancakes at any time ! Perfect for satisfying small and big appetites.

The Waffle House

For a shocking breakfast, the Waffle House offers wafflesof the steakof the sandwichesburgers etc… However, few light and “healthy” choices!

chicken kitchen

Of roast chickenof the saladsof the wraps, full plates, all fresh and ideal for a light dinner. The reception was not the best but this meal offered us the long-awaited ration of greenery and vegetables.


AT Miami Beach on Lincoln Road, few cheap options apart from Mc Donald’s. Frequented by homeless people and tourists, it is a place without surprise.

Steak ‘n Shake

The cheap restaurant par excellence, with normal portions and milkshakes to fall to the ground. 30 dollars at 4, top budget! Table service as a bonus…

And of course, many other well-known and lesser-known channels like Starbucks, Burger King, Denny’s, Wendy’s, the Cheesecake Factory, Checkers too good sundaes etc…

If you wish to have more details on our stay in Florida, it’s this way !


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