Which is the Best?

Comparatif meilleure assurance santé voyage

Which is the Best?

Which is the Best?

Calculation method

To establish the ranking of the best travel health insurance among GobyAVA, ACS, AVI and Chapkawe used the following method.

Attention: We are not specialists or insurance professionals. The methodology applied here was established according to our own criteria, on what we think is the most relevant. Everyone is free to have their own methodology for choosing the travel health insurance that seems most suitable to them. If you want to use our methodology, we invite you to allocate to each category the number of points that you think is best suited to meet your own needs.

We have assigned to each category a certain number of points 1 to 6in terms of the importance given to them by travelers in general.

From rankings of travel health insurance in the different categorieswe assigned 4 points for the first, 3 points for the second, 2 points for the third and 1 point for the fourth.

We finally had to multiply the ranking place (1 to 4 points) travel health insurance with the number of points (1 to 6 points) awarded to each category.

Allocation of points to each category

Here’allocation of points granted to each category (you can do this calculation yourself depending on the importance you give to a certain category).

6 points: the essential points in the choice of travel health insurance

Travel health insurance prices
And yes, it would be a lie to say that this is not one of the most determining factors in the choice of travel health insurance.

Coverage of medical expenses abroad
This is clearly the first reason why people take out travel health insurance. The coverage must therefore be substantial in relation to the money invested.

5 points: Very important categories in choosing travel health insurance.

Activities and Sports
This category is very important, especially if you plan to do trekking in patagonia and diving in Asia, which are quite common activities during a “Round the World”. Also if you want drive a car/motorbike or any motorized vehicle, it is advisable to choose an insurance covering these categories correctly. It’s about of one of the categories where there are the most losses and complaints with travel health insurance.

Insured and family assistance
This category is particularly important in terms of early return in the event of death or hospitalization of a family member, but also in terms of research costs, especially if you are a trekking enthusiast.

4 to 2 points: Categories with a fairly subjective importance depending on the traveler.

Coverage of medical expenses in France (4 points)
This category is important if you are repatriated and no longer on social security (quite common if you are traveling long term). Indeed, if you are no longer insured in France and your travel health insurance covers medical expenses in France in a minimal way, you will have to pay quite staggering amounts…

Coverage of specific care (4 points)
This category is quite subjective to everyone, because no one gives the same importance to dentist / optician / physiotherapist / etc.

Legal Assistance and Civil Liability (3 points)
This category is very important because you cannot know enough about the prohibitions of each country. In addition, some countries like the United States practice a lot of legal proceedings to earn money. So, it is better to be very well covered! However, this is a guarantee that can often be called upon by policyholders and the differences in benefits between the various travel health insurance policies are small. Hence the fact that we give it only 3 points. If the differences in benefits between travel health insurance had been higher, we would have given this category an importance of 5 points.

Individual accident (3 points)
Here it is the part of the risk. We could regret not having taken out insurance paying us a substantial sum in the event of disability. But this is not necessarily a most important element for many travelers.

Baggage (3 points)
It may be interesting to have travel health insurance covering the loss of your camera, knowing that the latter falls into the category of “valuables”, which may limit reimbursement.

Death assistance (2 points)
If you have a bad temper, think about it to avoid costs for your family. But as with the previous criterion, this is not the most important category in choosing travel health insurance.

No points: Tied

Medical assistance
No points awarded because travel health insurance provides the same type of service.

Final results of the best travel health insurance

Here are the results obtained from the comparison of the best travel health insurance with the calculation method set out above. Do not hesitate to read the detail of each point below.

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