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Worst Airports and Airlines for Delays – 10 Travel Tips on Flight Disruption

Worst Airports and Airlines for Delays  – 10 Travel Tips on Flight Disruption

Summer travel of 2022 is mad! Long queues, delays, cancellations, and missing baggage. Sharing with you the latest data on the most delayed airlines and airports around the world. Think twice before you travel!

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) had the most number of flight cancellations in Europe after its pilots went on a strike. The troubled airline has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US. Eurowings is another carrier that has about 8% of their flights canceled last minute.

Toronto Pearson Airport saw the most flight delays in North America, followed by Dallas Fort Worth and New York-JFK. 46% of Air Canada flights run late. In the last 30 days, an average of one out of five flights a day arrived behind schedule in the U.S.

I am also sharing some useful tips on how to travel these days. Fly in the morning on non-stop flights, bring only carry-on bags, download airline app, knowing your rights and being patient are some of the key takeaways to survive delays and cancellations.

At the end of the video, aviation expert talked about when will we expect a smoother travel experience and how to fix the current problem.

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10 useful tips on how to travel these days:



  1. The gulf airlines are best at this ngl

  2. I had a horror trip with Tap Air Portugal to (July 12th) and from Madeira (July 22nd) via Lissabon. Alle flights had incredible delays, on the way to Madeira I missed the connecting flight because of the massive delay. They did not have people at the gates für giving me hotel and food vouchers and the date/time of the new flight. Nobody at the airport Lissabon helped me. I had to sleep like several others on the airport floor without food. The next day it was again difficult to find a person from TAP who could help me and the others. On the flight back there were again massive delays, I finally arrived in Vienna, but my luggage did not. I filled in the form for my missing luggage. I filled in the TAP forms for the delays and the night at the airport. But they are playing dead! No answers of mails or phone calling. I will now go to my lawyer……!

  3. I know this is an air travel channel but US really needs highspeed rail, I use to hate the delays but with high speed rail everything is too easy…sorry off topic

  4. Some of these airlines and airports who have most canceled or delayed flights or in the case of airports placing caps on passengers only have themselves to blame. They reacted poorly to the onset of the pandemic and reacted even worse to the aviation sector's recovery. I have no sympathy for them other than for all the workers who were fired and who lost jobs. I hope they doing well and perhaps found better work

  5. I have taken United Airlines often. It had delayed only once but I was kept informed by text messages. The Airline even informed me that the pilots and the crew were approaching the gate to go aboard. So I saw them. I have no serious problem with United Airlines. I love Lufthansa, so far so good. One airline I really don’t like so far is Icelandair. It had given me fuss and troubles though they gave me compensation. Sometimes money alone can’t erase the frustrations I have experienced. Air Canada often has long delay. Once it delayed for more than 8 hours several years ago before COVID. I am not impressed by Air Canada.

  6. Your English is fluent and well spoken. I rarely see a Chinese speaking such good English like you.

  7. Ha. Try VIETJETAIR & TAN SON NHAT DOMESTIC AIRPORT. Their services came close to human right violation

  8. too many people on this planet period


  10. Seems like the Airline Industry did not use their time wisely during Covid. So now the consumer has to suffer. Does not make any sense why this happened except poor leadership.

  11. Also, do not book your flight via a third party (online booking agency) because they cannot handle the cancelled flights properly, cannot check you into another flight and you might get a fine when trying to check in to the offered flight. Always book your ticket directly with the airline.

  12. airport everything is under control in China expect the bad weather such as typhoon or bad rain

  13. If you are in Thailand- avoid Vietjet air..they cause troubles all the time . Late, delays,, cancellations..

  14. Is it just me or this guy cuts the ending of many words? Sounds funny

  15. When airlines in the US got bailouts they just bought back their own stock

  16. Thank you for the very informative video

  17. Cracking, taking 6 flights in the space of 12 days soon. Might have been a cracking mistake.

  18. Cathay Pacific poor food quality and service onboard

  19. ANA airlines excellent service even during pandemic. They exceed expectations. Great food and service .Great job ANA. All the Airlines will give you 1/4 can of Soda , but Ana will give you 1 can and more if you wish. Me as a Filipino, hands down to japanese crews aboard ANA who provide exceptional services.

  20. The mystery is, why would anybody subject themselves as consumers to this type of toxic and moment and call it a vacation?
    At a certain point, it is time to change gears and go home.

  21. Any new regulations for HOTAC and lost connections pax services in the advanced civilised parts of this world? Will you do not ask about PSI pressure on the airlines and airports staff. In no way, safety of the flights is on the first place. WOW! so firm and steady boys and girls.

  22. we will fly digital.imagine the flight .expert bull

  23. That's what happens when you fire staff and have a history of mistreatment of YOUR people. So nobody is in a rush to come back to fill your lousy jobs! You deserve this!!!

  24. Not having any issues here in Qatar flying to Europe or to Canada. I think I missed the Canadian rush when I fly out of Toronto in early June. In fact Toronto Airport was empty, but I was flying business on QA so maybe I had a different experience than economy travellers. But I was just on QA two weeks ago to Europe and both times we arrived 20 minutes early and no delays getting out at all.

  25. airport delays are a big set up to,, make people take other transportation……….. and it seems to work

  26. Lucikly i flew to europe in Feb 2022

  27. Great information and video. We're not traveling this year since everyone is so anxious to travel due to the COVD-19 lockdown.

  28. If your traveling short distance in Europe take trains.

  29. Fly Berlin-Brandenburg if you're going to Germany

  30. It shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone that many people will travel again as soon as the covid restrictions are lifted and the countries opened up again. They should have planned better for re-opening.

  31. There is an old Airplane joke which sums up baggage. You get 2 kinds. Carry on or Lost. Always carry valuables and at least a change or 2 of underwear in your carry on. So If your bags go missing your most important items are with you and changes of underwear will give time to either find your bags or time to be able to go buy new clothes.

    Also if you can tag your bags for cargo with something like a apple tag or other such device. Make sure to hide it well, so it can't be found to easily, if someone decides to take your bag and it isn't just lost. Using the tag you can see where it is in real time. And you will know it you are been fed a load of rubbish of where it actually is. Who knows it may aid those looking for it find it quicker for you.

  32. Avoid this dumb YouTuber.. he's bought by the major airlines for favorable reviews..

  33. Great points Sam, as always! After my trip to Seattle in May from SFO, going to chill until November, when I'm off to Barcelona.

  34. Do not forget airlines like United not only eliminated staff, but used US taxpayer money to move operations offshore to India which has only compounded their problems. Now, IT workers who have never even stepped foot on an airplane are breaking code and bringing down the airline internal systems and US taxpayers are footing the bill, all the whole of you are a passenger all your personal info including cc#, name, passport information, is sent unsecured and unencrypted to India where it is easily stolen and sold by these workers.

  35. My grandparents recently went on a trip to Germany, and due to staff shortage there flight got delayed for almost a whole day and got 2 of their bags lost. It was with Condor. I really don’t like what aviation is right now.

  36. airlines of the north america and EU were so bad all the time.
    so i always use some asian one like Singapore or Korean.
    turst me. they are so much better than western ones.

  37. Prices are horrendous,staff isn't hired and you know why because of economy that they worried of COVID Airlines can blame theirselves,in Thailand it isnt so bad.

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