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Your face is now your passport at Dubai airport. Here's how it works…

Your face is now your passport at Dubai airport. Here's how it works…

After a successful completion of the trial phase, Dubai airport has now officially rolled out the ‘smart travel’ system that enables passengers to travel without using their identification papers.

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Dubai International

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  1. Mam beautiful presentation of English proud of you but your name not mentioned

  2. So to stop the spread your asking people to take off their masks to show there face, and there all touching a touch screen, its either the desk people touch the papers and wash there hands or clean the touch screen after every use, or wash hands, I dont see how this helps, what if it crashes or gets hacked or ID theft, how many hacks do we have every day,
    So the begining of a servalance state, facial recognition cameras next chinas tech ideas have taken over,

  3. remember no man shall buy or sell without the mark of the beast, technology is ok in small doses, dont surround yourself with the beast, all digital, digital cash, digital life, AI robots,. even a scripture written thousands of years ago doesnt seem to bother anyone,
    no man shall buy or sell without the mark of the beast, for the beast and its kingdom is trying to rise, its doing a very good job of it too we need to wake up please,

  4. LAMP test before entry to the building and LAMP test when they get of the plane down some wheeld steps to a open air gazebo , rain or not, wash hands along the way, no problems then is there

  5. also be carefull walking through to many 6G terahertz body scanners, just a simple metal detector is best

  6. Goodbye Dubai,
    Goodbye Prince,
    Goodbye World.
    I hereby wish congratulation to all who worship tecnologi ,
    and therby force we who worship freedom and privacy and Security,
    to even be forced to go with a dangerous blind eye’ed stream of people
    who cant emagine evil eksist, and it Can and Will be yoused against you,
    ohr force us to live in selfisolation in our Homes rest of our life.

  7. It will be a big blunder for all in the future hackers will get our biometric detail without a sweat so avoid too much tech and moreover avoid all arab countries most of data collected is leaked as all tech used is Outsourced by arab nations if you still need proof go to any scam list

  8. Wonderful, Middle East airports and airlines have made travel between East and West so comfortable. Besides technology, the staff are as capable as they are helpful and friendly. The diversity of staff is comforting. Thank you for spotlighting this.

  9. I were already registered under this facial recognition 2018…in Dubai, how NIGERIANs highjacked my images….while working undercover in dUBAI and used them via online to create fake profiles of me…

  10. These high frequency scanner no doubt are dangerous for human body and I do not think there is a need for this and for a disease that has a mortality rate of 0.03 percent

  11. before western,,china authoritarian no privacy. dictactorian..now the world have 2 follow

  12. a test to the system with my body double.

  13. Dubai always using the latest technology when it comes to everything!!!

  14. Its not correct wtong process. But other things can be done. Justs check few months round you will see the problems arises. Humans cannot be varied justs by this methods. Dubai faces many problems where people uses varies methods to avoid the immegration process.

  15. We already have ten thousand faces of me. Clever idea.

  16. Is it better to scan eyes or finger print to make it full recognition, as face may change so it has to be deep scanned,….

  17. Yes that is a really nice technology but
    Guys think about the amount Jobs that are lost in this system

  18. Being treated like a criminal is unacceptable in any democracy, if I can drive across borders without this evil attack on my human rights why then do Airlines enforce it.
    I would encourage everyone not to travel to any country who takes almost your DNA to enter but instead to Visit a Democracy that doesn't treat you like a criminal. Better still, stay at home and help boost your own Tourist Economy. Mines "IRELAND"

  19. One day, I was moving from big bazaar to Al-Salam mosque of Abu-Shagara area, Sharjah. The distance was close to 1km. On the way, I found numerous Massage Cards (with picture of semi nude girls with a mobile no. on one side) at every 2metre distance. If there are any Massage centre, they should put the ad on their official websites not on the footpaths. This should stop at any cost otherwise this country will not be beautiful inside out… It is like forcibly showing wrong things to every pedestrian. I felt it's my duty to tell you the situation most of the uae citizens are either unaware or ignorant of.

    One more thing. The cards what I saw is not just available there only, they are thrown daily or weekly basis at numerous footpaths of UAE. You can watch many past youtube videos refering the Massage Cards. I also seen these cards on the pedestrian bridge crossing near safeer market, Sharjah another day.

    Hope, you will try to change this as you have reach to the government of UAE…

  20. We can all trust UAE government with everything. * roll eyes *

  21. This is United Arab Emirates… 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪 the first country in the Middle East and the number 1 of Arabic world 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪 we will move to the first world very soon.

  22. Good evening mam Mera question aaya hai aapse jo ki main San 2003 mein Dubai gaya tha this passport se vah passport mere pass abhi nahin hai abhi yah dusra password hai kya ya passport se main Dubai kya sakta hun ki Nahin jismein Naam change hai ismein koi pareshani airport per aaega ki Nahin aaega mere ko aap yah bataiye

  23. Esto se le llama colarse en el aeropuerto por la patilla jajaja

  24. I don't like facial recognition technology. Never did. Use the hand sanitizer on your counter. That's what it's there for. You can scrub down after you handle my PHYSICAL passport BOOK, if you're that paranoid. Creepy, creepy. People should be given the option to opt out of this and show traditional documentation instead.

  25. Your Face is your Airport in Dubai Tell us please Why i know the Answer Half of America got hurt By Dubai

  26. We all know the face changes in different situations of stress, illness etc. What happens then?

  27. Mam at immigration i looked at the screen itd showed proceeds go through but i forgot to scan passport is it okk

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